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This Prince Harry Super Fan Stole The Show At The Royal Wedding

© Grazia

It might be a matter of minutes before Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle at St. Georges Chapel, but one superfan is still holding out hope that he’ll give it all up for her. In fact, she’s even stood in the crowd in a wedding dress ready and waiting for Harry to sweep her off her feet.

The 24-year-old is a student of social work, from Sydney, Australia, who flew over to the UK for the wedding after buying a real wedding dress to attend in. She spoke to Grazia’s Anna Silverman as she stood in the crowd watching the royal wedding events unfold:

'I have a boyfriend but he wouldn't indulge this so I came alone. His mum helped me choose my wedding dress’, Victoria told Anna, ‘I tried to go for a princess Diana vibe. I need Harry to know if things fall through I'm here for him. It cost me £2k to come over but it's the price I'll pay for love.’

It seems that she’s managed to meet Harry a few times, even proposing to him on more than one occasion. ‘I just love Harry so much, I've proposed every time I've met him’, she continued, ‘I suppose you could say its obsessive. But this is the last hurrah and so I wanted to go out with a bang. We have a history. He knows who I am. Every time I've met him I've proposed’

© Grazia

So, what does Prince Harry make of Victoria’s endless love declarations? Well, as you would expect, he always behaves like the ultimate gentlemen. ‘He's always very gracious,’ Victoria said, ‘I like putting him on the spot but he often says “can I think about it?”, but I grabbed him and kissed him on the lips one time. He said I could kiss him on the cheek so he's a bit distant with me now after I did that.’

While many are concerned that Victoria could be slightly obsessed with the soon-to-be Duke of Sussex, she has very much owned the obsession, and claims her boyfriend is disinterested.

‘I’ve been with my boyfriend for one and a half years. He doesn't really care about my obsession, he just thinks it's silly’, she continued, ‘I am happy for Meghan, I'm a big romantic and she's got good taste. I just love Harry for being so down to earth. He's cheeky and similar to his mother in the causes he's passionate about.'

Luckily, there’s tons of security on-hand so we can’t expect a wedding invasion, but Victoria will definitely be waiting in the crowd just in case Harry has a last-minute change of heart...

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