The Best ‘My Plans vs Delta Variant’ Memes Out There To Bring Some Joy To Your Weekend

Is this the most relatable meme of the past 18 months? We think so.

My plans vs Delta Variant

by Shana Lynch |
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Before you go making plans for Hot Girl Autumn (why should summer have all the fun?), there's one little thing you should consider – at least according to the Internet. And that one little thing is actually not so little at all: the Delta variant.

Only a few weeks after people were celebrating so-called Freedom Day, the rise of Covid cases due to the Delta variant is causing people to worry that anything they had planned for the next few months will be once again canceled and that another lockdown is on the horizon. Maybe Anxious Girl Autumn is a better name for it…

But, like with most things on the Internet, it’s not all doom and gloom. Introducing the ‘My plans vs Delta variant’ meme, the most relatable meme we’ve seen in months. Ellen vs Dakota Johnson, Rose and Jack vs the iceberg, Rory Gilmore on her first day of school vs a deer… you get the picture.

So, to celebrate that it's Friday and we've made it to another weekend, here are the best 'My plans vs Delta variant' memes on the Internet. Enjoy!

The best 'My plans vs Delta variant' memes on Twitter

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