Who Is Lady Victoria Starmer, Keir Starmer’s Wife?

Everything you want to know about the future 'First Lady' - their relationship, her job and why she prefers to keep a low profile

Sir Keir Starmer

by Alice Hall |

With the run up to the 2024 General Election well underway, all eyes are on Sir Keir Starmer as he lays out his vision for the country. If the latest polls are anything to go by, it's looking likely that Keir could be the UK's next Prime Minister. But what role will his wife, Lady Victoria Starmer, play?

While she's his most trusted advisor, Victoria - or Vic, as her husband calls her - is likely to support her man from the sidelines rather than take centre stage. Victoria rarely makes public appearances, and, true to style, she was missing from Labour's manifesto launch last week.

In a recent interview with The Times, Keir said Victoria - who could become the next 'First Lady' - has no intention of giving up her full-time job in occupational health if Labour wins the election on 4 July. 'She's absolutely going to carry on working, she wants to and she loves it. It's also good for me because it gives me an insight into the NHS,' he said.

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria Starmer arrive on the third day of the annual Labour Party conference in Liverpool, northwest England, on October 10, 2023. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

This follows his interview with The Sunday Mirror last year, where Keir revealed that Victoria wouldn't be introducing his conference speech at the conference as Akshata Murty did for her husband Rishi Sunak. 'I don’t think I’d put her through that...' he said. 'I talk to her about what we’re going to say and how we’re going to say it. And she has views on all of that. But that’s the normal to and fro in a family.'

More recently in an interview with Grazia, Keir also gave a rare inside glimpse into Victoria's private life. 'She is very grounded is Vic. She’s sassy. She’s gorgeous, but she’s absolutely rooted,' he said. Adding that, if he were to win in the 2024 General Election, 'She will continue with her job in the NHS. She loves it.’

Even though she is probably not going to dominate stories in the run up to the general election on 4 July, people are always searching for news about Victoria. Especially since she might be the wife of the next Prime Minister.

Since Keir Starmer became leader of the Labour Party in 2020, Victoria has only made a handful of public appearances. The couple were pictured at a polling station last month, at a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace last November and shared a kiss at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool last year. She has also attended several other events with Keir, including the Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium, a candlelit vigil for the murdered Sarah Everard and the Wimbledon women’s singles semi-finals on Centre Court.

Here's everything we know about Lady Victoria Starmer...

Keir and Victoria Starmer
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Who is Lady Victoria Starmer?

Described by The Times as a 'cool north London mum', Victoria Starmer is London born-and-bred. She grew up in Gospel Oak, North London, to a Polish-Jewish father. Her mother, who worked as a community doctor, also converted to the faith. Like Keir, Victoria started out her career as a solicitor, before serving as a governor at her children’s school. She currently works in occupational health for the NHS.

She made her first appearance as the then-new Labour leader’s wife in in 2020, when she was filmed clapping for the NHS outside their home in Camden. Since then, her public appearances have been few and far between.

How did Lady Victoria Starmer and Keir Starmer meet?

The pair met when they were working as lawyers in the early noughties, when Keir was practising as a barrister at Doughty Street chambers. Victoria was asked to draw up documents for a case he was working on.

During his appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in 2021, Keir recalled the moment he met his future wife. 'I was doing a case in court and it all depended on whether the documents were accurate. I [asked my colleagues] who actually drew up these documents, they said a woman called Victoria, so I said let’s get her on the line,’ he said, continuing that he heard her mutter ‘Who the f*** does he think he is?’ after he quizzed her about the papers concerned. 'And quite right too,' he added.

Things worked out for the best, though, after Keir asked Victoria on a date to the Lord Stanley pub in Camden, which was the start of their relationship. The pair got married at the Fennes Estate in Essex in 2007 after he proposed while they were on holiday in Greece. 'Won't we need a ring, Keir?' she told him.

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria pose for a photograph as they walk by the River Mersey in Liverpool, on October 9, 2023, on the eve of his keynote address to the annual Labour Party Conference. Britain's main opposition Labour Party said at its annual conference on Monday that power was "finally within our grasp" and that it was ready to "rebuild Britain" following 13 years of Conservative rule. (Photo by Stefan Rousseau / POOL / AFP) (Photo by STEFAN ROUSSEAU/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

In a recent interview with Sky News, Keir revealed that Victoria urged him to stay away from politics. 'My wife was ringing adverts in the papers about well-paid lawyers’ jobs and I said "no, I want to serve my country", which is why, at a late stage, I came into politics to serve my country,' he said.

Where does Victoria Starmer work?

While she previously worked as a solicitor in London, Victoria Starmer now works in occupational health for the NHS in Camden. 'She loves working for the NHS. She loves the team that she's working with,' Keir has said. Victoria is able to walk to work as an occupational therapist at a hospital, , near their home in Kentish Town.

Keir revealed that his wife was an important sounding board for ideas thanks to her experience in the NHS. 'I get a direct line of sight on a daily basis into the challenges of the NHS and the morale of the staff,' he told the Sunday Mirror.

What would Lady Victoria Starmer be like as the UK's First Lady?

'Vic is lovely but private and she likes it that way,' a friend revealed of Victoria, who's known as Vic or Vicky. Another said, 'She is very down to earth, smart and hard-working.'

While she's not involved in the day-to-day issues, Vic is the one that he calls before he makes a big decision. 'She’s a streetwise, grounded, brilliant, gorgeous woman who wants as far as she can to get on with her own life and protect it,' he told the Sunday Mirror.

When it comes to the privacy of their children, however, Keir and Victoria are on the same page in terms of wanting to keep them out of the spotlight. But is there anything they bicker about? ‘Not a lot,’ he says. ‘We work things through together. We don’t really bicker. I’m not saying there’s never a cross word. I don’t think that’s believable.’

Do Keir Starmer and Lady Victoria Starmer have any children?

The couple have two children together, a 15-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. Like Victoria, the couple’s children are being raised in the Jewish faith. The family all live together in a £1.75 million townhouse in Camden, North London.

In the past, Keir has opened up about the family's regular Friday night dinners where his wife’s family comes round to their home for supper. ‘It is about just being with the family. It’s about being a bit more disciplined, about being home with our children and the family — they are growing up fast,’ he said.

Is Lady Victoria Starmer religious?

Yes, Victoria is Jewish and a member of Londons Liberal Jewish Synagogue, in St. John’s Wood. Keir is from an atheist background, but has previously revealed that the couple's children are being raised in the Jewish faith. He told the Jewish Chronicle in 2021 that 'As you probably know my wife‘s family is Jewish. On her father’s side, there are bar mitzvahs, synagogues – there’s all the traditions.'

He has also said that their children 'recognise the faith of part of their grandfather’s family, and it’s very important.'

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