The Current Speculation About Another Kate Middleton Pregnancy Needs To Stop

Searches for 'Kate Middleton baby number 4' have increased by a whopping 1250%, just because she went on holiday.

Kate Middleton pregnancy

by Bonnie McLaren |

It was half-term last week, and using the time off school, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their three children, went on holiday, with the family being spotted at Heathrow airport last week. (It's not known where they went.) Now, they're back from their break - as William prepares to attend the landmark climate change COP26 conference in Glasgow.

However, as has often happened before when Kate 'disappears' for a few days, people have been wondering whether she might be expecting another child. It's no clearer than looking at what people are searching for over the past day. Searches for 'Kate Middleton baby number 4' have increased by a whopping 1250%, with 'Kate Middleton baby 4' and 'Kate Middleton baby news' also both increasing by 950%. Yep, that's a lot of searching.

But - just like with any other woman - it is simply no one else’s business whether someone is pregnant or not unless they decide they would like to share the news. Whether you've had children or not, nobody needs constant questions or pressure about kids/having more kids for a myriad of reasons. Some might not want any/any more children, or may not be able to have them. Kate has also suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes severe vomiting, during her pregnancies.

And just last month, there were even more rumours that Kate was pregnant - just because she'd refused to drink some whiskey while on tour in Northern Ireland. Not only is that some micro-observing of Kate's behaviour, which is incredibly uncomfortable, but she could have just refused a drink i.) because she didn't want one and ii.) because technically it would have been drinking at work, so she might just have not wanted to do that.

If you think that observing what she's drinking is enough surveillance, some are also convinced the way Kate Middleton styles her hair is evidence that she's pregnant - as apparently 'she change[d] the style to draw attention away from her body' during her last three pregnancies. (We wish we were joking.)

This constant speculation needs to stop. Just let Kate enjoy her holidays, or a change of hairstyle - basically live her life - without reading in to it too much.

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