Dancing, Converse And History-Making: The Best Kamala Harris Memes

Nice to see some joy on the internet this year tbh...

Kamala Harris memes

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We meme when we're happy, we meme when we're sad - and this weekend, for the first time in a long time, it was happy meming as we all memed the hell out of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' victory - and specifically made a million or so Kamala Harris memes.

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris memes are not only plentiful, but varying - from her powerful acceptance speech to her love of Converse trainers. Oh and dancing, there's a lot of Kamala Harris dancing memes. And they are glorious.

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And while there's one guy we're glad we might be able to hear less from on Twitter, when it comes to Kamala Harris' social media, we're all here for it - we love that she leans into the internet. In a good, properly spelled way. With less capitals.

Whether you're still celebrating and looking to share something, or you're just enjoying seeing some HAPPY POLITICS on your t/l, here are the best Kamala Harris memes and social posts around.

Kamala Harris the history-maker

Most of the joyous Kamala Harris memes and tweets have been about her role in history as the first female Vice President, the first black woman, the first Asian woman and first child of two immigrant parents.

We. Are. Here. For. It.

Kamala Harris acceptance speech

Many of the best social output has been around Kamala Harris' acceptance speech.

Wearing an all-white suit in tribute to suffragists who fought for a woman’s right to vote.

Ms Harris' acceptance speech was particularly noteworthy for the moment when she said: 'While I may be the first woman in this office. I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.'

Kamala Harris SNL memes

Kamala Harris' election to Vice President was also celebrated by many Maya Rudolph fans, thrilled that we might now see more of her on Saturday Night Live (SNL), doing her Kamala Harris impression.

But everyone was amazed by the speed with which SNL turned around their sketch this week. Just three hours after Kamala Harris' acceptance speech, Maya Rudolph appeared in an almost perfectly matched outfit, to give a speech of her own.

There was ALMOST as much admiration for the SNL costume department as there was Ms Harris' speech...

Kamala Harris dancing memes

These are just joyful - and plentiful - really. Bi-den to Trump's onstage shuffles and welcome Madame Vice President Elect Kamala Harris' extremely excellent moves.

Kamala Harris on Twitter and Instagram

We've become very used to those highest in American politics using their social media over the last four years, and we're happy to say Kamala Harris' Instagram and Twitter are a lot more enjoyable...

Were you even ON Instagram stories this weekend if you didn't see these posts of her call to Joe Biden and acceptance speed shared?

Kamala Harris and Converse

2020 has not been a good year for anything other than comfortable shoes. And we're thrilled to see Kamala Harris' love of Converse trainers continues that very welcome trend...

Kamala Harris in the White House

The internet has also been having some fun with the... changes, that will probably be coming inside those famous Washington walls when Kamala Harris and Joe Biden head to the White House

Kamala Harris and Jacinda Arden

This one... this one we're just VERY HERE FOR

Kamala Harris and Siri saying she's President

The internet went WILD over the weekend after a glitch in Siri appeared to announce Kamala Harris was President. When you asked Siri how old the President was, it replied, instead Kamala Harris' age...

The ones about how you pronounce Kamala Harris

Unfortunately, there was still a lot of 'How do you pronounce Kamala Harris', something Kamala Harris herself has addressed in previous campaign videos.

But at least the internet had some fun with it, suggesting that, actually, 'Just refer to her as Madame Vice President'.

Young Kamala Harris pictures

We are VERY obsessed with this picture of young Kamala Harris. And the internet is too...

Kamala Harris and her nieces

Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harriswrote a piece for Grazia about her incredible aunt in the run up to her election. You can read it here.

And as she took the stage with Joe Biden for her acceptance speech, Kamala Harris' young nieces also became hot social media property, with people sharing cute videos of her with them - as well as pictures of them in their amazing matching white outfits.

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