Everyone Suddenly Fancies Jordan North On I’m A Celebrity

Searches for 'Jordan North six pack' are up 3,000% you thirsty lot...

Jordan North

by Rhiannon Evans |

Welcome to 2020 when no-one has seen a body they're not related to in nine months and so while watching I'm A Celebrity, thousands of people are google 'Jordan North Six Pack'.

Yes as unlikely as it may have seemed just two and half weeks ago, Jordan North has become the internet's biggest crush.

Just look at this lot!

Yes, in a year where we've learned the values of kindness more than ever and Harry Styles is at the forefront of a 'manly men' debate, perhaps 'goofy and wholesome' Jordan North is the crush that 2020 was bound to give us.

But let's not pretend we've all gone fully moral and that a lot of the crushing didn't start recently when he got his six-pack out.

Yes yes, Jordan North has a six pack - and yes yes, we know you want to see it, here we go...

Jordan North six pack
©ITV / I'm A Celebrity

In fact, Jordan's six-pack became a main storyline in I'm A Celebrity recently, when Shane Ritchie spotted it in the shower (did we just type that sentence?)

Basically, Jordan North's six pack is the new white bikini, ok? And yeah, we're here for that.

Shane spotted Jordan's six-pack, saying: 'You've got a six-pack there - that's good. I can see the definition.' Jordan, who runs twice a week, seems just as astonished, saying: 'I’ve not seen that before – that’s because I’ve not drunk beer.'

As we've written about previously, since he entered the I'm A Celebrity castle, people have been obsessed with the Radio 1 presenter's sexuality. There was a huge influx of people googling 'Jordan North gay'.

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But people were also googling 'Jordan North partner' and looking for if he was married or in a relationship (Jordan North relationship status is a big one, which is cute, like you're checking his FB profile in 2004). So, maybe you lot were actually all thirsty for him from the beginning after all and it wasn't the six-pack that started you crushing on him.

Because lots of social media is just as obsessed with how lovely he is...

So there you have it - the internet has a MASSIVE crush on Jordan North. Will he be crowned King of the Jungle? We'll have to wait and see.

For now he'll have to make do with King of the nation's hearts...

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