Why Are People So Obsessed With Jordan North’s Sexuality?

The Radio 1 host hasn't opened up about his sexuality before, he shouldn't face pressure to do so now.

Jordan North

by Georgia Aspinall |

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here officially came to an end tonight with Giovanna Fletcher crowned Queen of the castle followed closely by Radio 1 host Jordan North, who came in second after three weeks of terrifying trials and heartwarming moments.

North’s ability to entertain us during trials made him an early fan favourite this season, as he overcame his deepest fears time and time again while eagerly bonding with his other campmates. But rather than focusing on his sweet personality and strength in tasks, all everyone seems to care about is his sexuality.

When you search Google for ‘I’m A Celebrity’, nine of the top 10 queries are about him and six, whether or not Jordan North is gay. ‘Jordan North gay’, ‘Jordan North partner’ and ‘Is Jordan North straight’ are three of the top breakout terms, meaning it’s the most popular thing people are searching for when asking the search engine about I’m A Celebrity.

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According to Reality Titbit, Jordan North has never opened up about his sexuality but has confirmed he does not have a partner. ‘I am single at the moment. But that is not the reason why I am going in,’ North told the Radio Times. ‘I just want to have fun and this is something that will stick with you forever. The fact I am going to be doing it doesn’t seem real.’

So while we may be able to answer the question of whether Jordan North has a partner (or ‘wife’ as seems to be another top trending term), given that he’s not opened up about his sexuality so far, perhaps it’s time to stop asking.

If Jordan wanted to talk about it, he would.

If Jordan wanted to talk about it, he would – and the pressure he’s bound to be under should everyone continue searching for, or talking about his sexuality is something no one should face. Whether Jordan North is gay, straight, bisexual or beyond is completely his business, and given he’s been on our radio waves for years now and our TV screens for weeks, if he wanted to share that he would’ve already.

Perhaps we’ll find out more about his personal life after the show, but ultimately the obsession with Jordan North’s sexuality only feeds a pressure for him to reveal it one way or the other. So, instead of speculating on his sex life, how about we focus on learning from his hilarious calming skills of screaming ‘HAPPY PLACE, TURF MOOR’ anytime we feel panicked?

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