How Tall Is The Queen Is Trending Again – But Why Does This Question Appear During Every Royal Event?

We have some theories.

The Queen

by Georgia Aspinall |

Every morning, we scour Google Trends gathering data on what the public are searching for and want to know more about. Sometimes it’s exactly what you’d expect – the video of Piers Morgan storming off his GMB set, for example – and sometimes, it’s really, really not. Today was one of those days. In the wake of one of the biggest royal scandals in years (not THE biggest, Daily Mail, since you know, Prince Andrew exists), all anyone seems to be Googling is ‘How tall is the Queen?’

What does that have to do with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah? Well, nothing. No one referenced the Queen’s height in the telling of a particular anecdote, there really was no reason anyone would watch that interview and think: ‘Okay, but how tall is the Queen?’. And yet, they did – apparently.

How tall is the Queen?

For your information then, the Queen’s height is 1.63m, so 5ft3. She was reported to be 5ft4 at the time of her coronation – which is perhaps why people are also Googling ‘How tall is the Queen today?’ and ‘Is the Queen shrinking?’. That’s not surprising though, since research shows women can lose about two inches between the ages of 30 to 70.

So where is the interest coming from? People seem to be noticing the Queen’s height enough to be Googling it – although we can’t say it’s the first thing that has ever sprung to our minds – so what is it about a royal scandal that causes everyone to Google ‘How tall is the Queen?’.

Most likely, it’s down to the pictures that circulate. Meghan did speak of her positive relationship with the Queen, with photographs of the pair smiling together shown during Oprah’s interview.

Meghan and the Queen
©Getty Images

We also saw the Queen on out TV screens last week when she delivered a message to the public in celebration of Commonwealth Day 2021. It was highly anticipated given Meghan and Harry's interview was just days away, so it's likely more people than usual tuned in to see if the Queen made any reference to the Sussexes.

She didn't, if you missed it, but watching the footage - it's actually not surprising people were intrigued by her height. In the address shown on the BBC, the Queen is seen walking alongside two men. She does, in fact, look miniscule (you can spot her at 4.48minutes in the below video).

Perhaps it was the sheer height difference between her and the two unknown men walking alongside her, perhaps it was her slight hunch as she was seen strolling around Buckingham Palace. But either way, it would explain why some people thought ‘Jesus, the Queen is tiny, how tall is she actually?’.

So if you did, you’re welcome. The Queen is 5ft3, which ironically, isn’t as small as you might expect.

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