All Of The Questions We’re Still Asking About Britney’s Wedding

Like, how did her ex-husband get past security?

How did Britney's ex hubsand get into her wedding

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Congratulations were in order earlier this week when Britney Spears finally married her long-term partner, Sam Asghari. Perched in a Cinderella-style carriage with the veil of her Versace dress flowing out behind her, Britney radiated living-a-fairytale energy in the footage she shared on Instagram from her at-home wedding.

‘Wow!! Holy holy crap!!!’ she exclaimed in the caption. ‘WE DID IT !!! WE GOT MARRIED !!!! Ggggggeeeeezzzzz !!! It was the most spectacular day !!! I was so nervous all morning but then at 2:00pm it really hit me…I had a panic attack and then got it together…The ceremony was a dream, and the party was even better !!!’

Obviously, as long-term fans, we’re elated Britney has finally found her happy ever after. But we need to know more details about her wedding’s guests, the fashion, the afterparty, and how her ex somehow managed to swerve her security and gate crash. So, let’s dive into the finer details of Britney’s big day…

How did Britney’s ex-husband get past her wedding security?

Britney’s ex-husband Jason Alexander crashed Britney’s wedding and was arrested for ‘trespassing and refusing to leave property, battery and vandalism’ with his bail set at $22,500. Even more bizarrely, Jason (who was married to Britney for only 55 hours in 2004) filmed an Instagram Live while he tried to get into her house.

‘Britney Spears invited me here. She’s my first wife. My only wife,’ he said. “I’m her first husband. I’m here to crash the wedding cause nobody [is] here but Sam. So, where the f**k’s the family?’

A lot of us have been wondering how on earth Jason managed to get through Britney’s (presumably quite high level) security. Allegedly, the ex could be heard telling her the wedding guards: ‘don’t fuck with me’ before claiming the event was a ‘bullshit wedding’.

Jason engaged in a physical altercation with Britney’s guards and even managed to get into the main wedding marquee before guards restrained him on the ground and his live stream ended. He was then arrested by police due to an outstanding warrant.

What music did Britney play at her wedding reception?

As our favourite 90s pop princess, you’d think Britney would have an incredible playlist put together for her wedding’s afterparty. Yet, eagle-eared followers on Instagram noticed that Madonna and her other guests appeared to be singing altogether to Vogue a cappella.

Britney also performed a rendition of Stars Are Blind with her long-term party era accomplice Paris Hilton and sang her own hit Toxic with Madonna in place of her first dance, before taking to the floor with the rest of her guests to party.

‘I think we all fell on the dance floor at least 2 times,’ Britney wrote on Instagram. ‘I mean come on… we were all VOGUING !!!!’

Why did Madonna and Britney kiss at her wedding reception?

While revealing some of the details of her wild wedding reception, Britney wrote on Instagram: ‘I was speechless…I kissed Madonna again’. The kiss was a fun reference to their pair’s infamous onstage kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, which left the media in meltdown and her recently ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake less than enthused.

Was Britney really naked under the jacket she wore at her wedding reception?

Many fans were shocked to see that Britney swapped her wedding gown for a black Versace tuxedo mini dress when she hit the dancefloor. But this was on-brand Britney: showgirl chic, high performance fun—and she looked like she was having the time of her life as she twirled around with her husband.

Acknowledging the shock at her style choices, Britney outlined her finer outfit details on social media: ‘Pssss don’t worry I had my first diamond thong underneath my jacket,’ she told her fans alongside a winking emoji. ‘Hope I didn’t offend anyone.’

Why was Kathy Hilton there?

Paris Hilton’s mum Kathy joined her daughter on the guest list for Britney’s big day. Paris and Britney were close friends in the early 2000s before the singer was placed under her conservatorship in 2008. So, it’s likely Britney would have come to know Kathy well during that time. Real Housewives star Kathy has publicly been a long-term supporter of Britney and told reporters during her conservatorship trial last year that the singer was ‘such a sweet girl – and a good girl.’

Why was Britney’s wedding reception marquee so big for such a small number of guests?

As you might expect, Britney’s wedding was lavish. The marquee was filled with numerous chandeliers, hundreds of roses, and took place on the grounds of her $7.4million mansion home in Thousand Oaks, where Paris’ husband Carter Reum, media mogul Jeff Beacher, and TV host and actress Maria Menounos were all in attendance.

But in the backgrounds of many of Paris, Britney and Madonna’s Instagram uploads, followers couldn’t help but notice the dance floor looked a little empty. With Britney’s family (for obvious reasons) not admitted entry, the guest list seems to have been kept small while the venue remained super-sized.

Maybe they just wanted as much room as possible to dance? ‘Last night was fun and sweaty,’ wrote Madonna on Instagram.

Had Britney actually met her wedding reception guests before?

You know how it can be at weddings, a few of your cousins decide to bring a date and suddenly you’re left wondering who half of the people at your reception actually are. And fans have been asking whether Britney actually knew all of the guests she danced the night away with.

‘So many incredible people came to our wedding and I’m still in shock,’ wrote Britney on Instagram. ‘Drew Barrymore my girl crush and Selena Gomez who btw is way prettier in person if that’s possible both came !!! I was speechless,’ she appeared to fan girl.

Although some followers assumed this meant Britney hadn’t met Selena before her big day, the pair have actually been publicly photographed together on several occasions in the past, including at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011.

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