What’s The Deal With The Gavin-Williamson-Huawei-Penny-Mordaunt Leaking Scandal?

Why did Theresa May sack Gavin Williamson? Who is Penny Mordaunt? And what's Huawei got to do with it? We break it down...

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Have you ever spent three years so confused by British politics that you just give up, switch off and reside yourself to a life of non-voting blissful ignorance? Yes, yes you have, because let’s be honest, at this point we basically all have. There’s no shame in it, the political world is so chaotic –soBrexit-y– right now that even the experts don’t know what’s going on half the time. It's not surprising that many of us are putting political news on permanent snooze.

Plus, it can feel exhausting trying to wade through the inevitable onslaught of articles – and exhaustive opinions – when a story like this breaks. We woke this morning with questions: what actually went down yesterday? Don't politicians leak information all the time? What's the big deal over Huawei? And should we be pleased or petrified that Penny Mordaunt is now the first ever female Defence Secretary?

Of course, for the few of us that have to keep up with this stuff for our jobs (i.e. me, unfortunately), the latest week of political turmoil has proven itself worthy to dissect and explain in terms we can all actually understand. So, get a cup of tea and settle in, we’re here to explain the whole Gavin Williamson Huawei mess so you don’t just have to nod and smile when your local office politics nerd brings it up.

Here’s the gist of yesterday's news:

Gavin Williamson has been fired from his position as Defence Secretary. A member of parliament leaked the news that Theresa May was allowing Huawei to help build the non-core of the UK’s 5G network (information that was discussed by the National Security Council) to a journalist at The Telegraph – and May has lay the blame for that at Williamson's door. The leak paints her in terrible light as many of her advisers have warned against allowing Huawei to be involved in building the network. He has been accused of leaking that information. He denies it.

But why does Huawei’s involvement in UK 5G networks matter?

Because Huawei is Chinese-owned, and all Chinese owned companies are legally obliged to cooperate with Chinese state intelligence agencies, many countries have banned the telecoms giant from being involved with government networks. After the documents leaked revealed Theresa May had gone against security service and ministerial advice about the risk to national security, the decision painted her in a terrible light, yet again.

The following people are said to have raised concerns about her approach: Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary; Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt; Gavin Williamson, (former) Defence Secretary; Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary; and Penny Mordaunt, new Defence Secretary and former International Development Secretary.

The US, Australia and New Zealand have all banned Huawei from supplying elements of their telecom’s infrastructure. ‘There's a reason others have said no,’ Tom Tugendhat, chair of the Commons foreign affairs committee told The Telegraph, ‘It is unwise to co-operate in an area of critical national infrastructure with a state that can at best be described as not always friendly.’

So, why did Theresa May want Huawei involved?

It’s not yet clear exactly what her reasoning was in going against the advice of security services and ministers. Some have speculated that it is her attempt at demonstrating the UK is free to strike their own deals in a time where her authority and the UK’s power post-Brexit is constantly being questioned. Further to this, it could be seen as an attempt to better the UK’s relationship with China, whom as such a powerful, rich country could be a worthwhile ally in such dubious economic times.

Nevertheless, the risk to national security remains, especially at a time when cyber-attacks and hacking threatens Britain at an ‘unprecedented’ scale, according to GCHQ head Jeremy Flemming. While the chief executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre – part of the GCHQ – said he is confident the risk to Britain can be managed, Alex Younger, head of MI6, has said Britain needs to decide how truly ‘comfortable’ it is with any Chinese-owned company being involved in developing telecoms infrastructure.

How did the information get leaked?

The Telegraph, who first broke the story, did not name a source for their information, however a quick investigation by the government has resulted in Gavin Williamson being accused. His phone was reportedly looked through, and he confirmed by his own admission he spoke to the journalist who broke the story on the day it was published.

‘No other, credible version of events to explain this leak has been identified,’ Theresa May stated in a letter to him asking him to resign.

Why is it such a big deal for Gavin Williamson to be accused?

As a relatively new Defence Secretary, and once chief Whip, it comes as a surprise given his loyalty to Theresa May so far. However, according to Laura Kunssenberg of the BBC, inner circles were suspicious of his very keen ambition to advance his own career, and privately pointed to him as the leak immediately in an investigation described as ‘Operation get Gav’.

How has Gavin Williamson responded?

He has vehemently denied his involvement and when asked to resign by Theresa May stated: I appreciate you offering me the option to resign, but to resign would have been to accept that I, my civil servants, my military advisers or my staff were responsible: this was not the case,’ according to his letter reply to her. He was then fired from his position. He has gone on to state that he has been the victim of a ‘vendetta’ and ‘kangaroo court’, swearing on his 'children’s lives' he was not responsible for the leak. 'I have been completely and utterly screwed,' he told Sky News.

Is Gavin Williamson facing criminal investigation?

With opposition MPs now demanding an investigation into whether the Official Secrets Act was broken, some have asked the PM’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, whether or not the matter should be referred to the police. Lidington stated the matter was closed, with police involvement not necessary, but did say that ministers would ‘co-operate fully should the police themselves consider an investigation necessary.’

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has since stated that Williamson should have the right to clear his name through criminal inquiry, stating: ‘This is about the law applying equally to everyone. We have had very high-profile civil servants going to jail for breaching the Official Secrets Act.’

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Inspiring Female MPs - Grazia (slider)

Inspiring Female MPs - Grazia1 of 10
CREDIT: Twitter Danielle Rowley

Danielle Rowley, 28, Midlothian Scottish Labour MP

Speaking about her groundbreaking announcement, Danielle perfectly highlighted just how ridiculous it is that it's even a taboo to mention your period. She said on Twitter:'A lot of unexpected coverage of me talking about my period - which is great, but also highlights the need to talk about periods more openly.A woman mentioning her period shouldn't be such huge news - let's use this opportunity and work together to get to a place where it's not!'

Inspiring Female MPs - Grazia2 of 10
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Jess Phillips, 36, Birmingham Yardley Labour MP

Jess brought social media trolls to account when she called for those who post abusive messages online to lose their anonymity. The MP told parliament that she once received 600 rape threats in one night and is threatened with violence and aggression every single day online. The online community is so hostile towards women that Amnesty International have led a campaign calling for Twitter to take greater responsibility for preventing online abuse. Jess told the House of Commons that people should have to disclose their real identity to social media platforms, with hope that it would not only deter people from abusing women online but also enable us to hold them to account.

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Heidi Allen, 43, South Cambridgeshire Conservative MP

Heidi, alongside Jess Phillips, shared an emotional account of her own abortion with parliament earlier this month. In an attempt to reform Northern Ireland's abortion laws, she told the Cambridge independent that she felt she needed to share her story:'I had intended to say it because I had a feeling nobody else would.'I thought it probably needed saying.'I suppose it is very easy to make issues like that just about procedure and legislation and words and policy but, actually, it is about people's lives.'Jess Phillips too opened up about her own abortion, also sharing harrowing stories from women in Northern Ireland who had terminated pregnancies.

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Stella Creasy, 41, Walthamstow Labour MP

The original lead of cross-party calls for Northern Ireland's abortion laws to be brought in line with the rest of the UK's, Stella received tons of hate mail over her campaign to protect women's right to choose. It was in her call for debate over abortion that Heidi Allen and Jess Philips were able to talk about their own terminations.

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CREDIT: Facebook Penny Mourdant

Penny Mourdant, 45, Portsmouth North Conservative MP

The Minister for Women and Equalities, Penny Mourdant launched the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Securitywhich calls for more women to be at the centre of the DFID's peace, security and humanitarian programmes. As secretary of state for international development, she has attempted to reform the aid sector by creating an independent safeguarding unit that prevents exploitation. This comes in the wake of a series of sex scandals against leading charities earlier this year.

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Wera Hobhouse, 58, Bath Liberal Democrat MP

Wera Hobhouse brought Gina Martin's upskirting campaign to parliament as a private members bill set to outlaw the vile crime. While the bill was subsequently blocked by two male MPs, a third reading of the bill is set to continue on the 6th of July with Gina stating 'the Government Bill will become law as it'll get through the later stages more quickly and won't be objected to.'

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CREDIT: Shutterstock

Maria Miller, 54, Basingstoke Conservative MP

It was off the back of the upskirting bill that Maria Miller and Jess Phillips have met with Wera Hobhouse in an attempt to include a revenge porn amendment. It would ensure there was a blanket ban on voyeuristic images regardless of the intention in taking it, as the MPs feared people would attempt to bend the wording of the upskirting law to avoid conviction by arguing they took the image with no intention of causing distress. They also wanted to introduce an amendment that would ban false pornographic images, in which faces are photoshopped onto explicit images. However, they were told it was impossible to introduce further amendments. This comes after Love Island stars Zara McDermott and Laura Anderson became victims of revenge porn this week.

Inspiring Female MPs - Grazia8 of 10
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Mhairi Black, Paisley and Renfrewshire South SNP MP

As part of the discussion about classing misogyny as a hate crime, Mhairi Black spoke out about the misogynistic and homophobic abuse she receives online every day. She also asked parliament to reflect on their own environment, stating, 'Only a few weeks ago I was physically pressed up against a Member (of Parliament) in the voting lobby who is accused of sexual misconduct because there's so little room.'Acknowledging she has the 'same right and influence as any other elected man', she spoke up for the female staff who aren't in her position.

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CREDIT: Shutterstock

Melanie Onn, 39, Great Grimsby Labour MP

Leading the charge to make misogyny a hate crime, Melanie highlighted the 'link between low-level harassment of women and more serious sexual assaults' that was found by Westminster's all-party group on domestic violence. In her constituency, the rate of domestic violence is particularly high. As a result, she has called for a law change to have misogynistic acts such as wolf-whistling, leering and sexual comments in public to be made a criminal offence.

Inspiring Female MPs - Grazia10 of 10
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Monica Lennon, 37, Central Scotland Scottish Labour MSP

Monica introduced a Member's Bill into Scottish parliament that would see the creation of free universal access to sanitary products. Proposing also that schools, colleges and universities provide free sanitary products in their toilets, she led the campaign that stands to end period poverty in Scotland.

So, who is the new Defence Secretary?

With Williamson’s reign abruptly over, Theresa May has now named Penny Mordaunt, former International Development Secretary, as her new Defence Secretary. It’s a position she is considered better suited for as former minister for the armed forces. As a staunch Brexiteer, she has been extremely loyal to Theresa May despite obvious reservations about her choices over the last year, and has been tipped for the job for over two years. Click here to find out more about her.

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