The Masturbation Gap Between Men And Women Is Slowly Closing, But It’s Still Huge

International Equal Masturbation Day returned this week - symbolising the day that woman globally have not yet masturbated all year, compared with men who have been doing so since the start.

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Womanizer, the sex toy brand responsible for all your best orgasms (according to me, not science just FYI), are on a mission to close the masturbation gap. Why? Because despite the work many have done to end self-pleasure stigma, the gap between male and female masturbation is still incredibly high.

According to the brand, who launched ‘International Equal Masturbation Day’ last year, the 14th of August represented the day of the year that woman around the world had not even started masturbating yet, compared to men who have been getting their personal rocks off since the start.

That’s right, the masturbation gap sits at a howling 62%, according to Womanizer’s survey of 14,500 participants across 17 countries. In the UK, the situation is even more dire. You may think we’re a nation of top shaggers, at least if you watch Geordie Shore you do, but when it comes to self-pleasure, the gap is 66% between men and women. That means British men will masturbate on average 174 times a year, compared to women who do it just 51 times. That’s right, not even one wank a week for women… and yet we wonder how we burnout so easily?

In the UK, 28% of women do not masturbate – compared to 9% of men – and globally 33% of women have never masturbated at all. It is all just very dire.

There is some good news though, in that the masturbation gap appears to be slowly closing. Last year, for example, Equal Masturbation Day was on the 5th of September, representing a 68% gap.

Our hope is that we will reduce the masturbation gap through ongoing educational work.

‘Of course, there is still a significant difference, but we are nevertheless pleased that there is an upward trend among women,’ Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer told Grazia. ‘Last year, our hope was that we would be able to reduce the masturbation gap - also through our ongoing educational work - so that Equal Masturbation Day would already take place in July or August. We are pleased that this has been achieved.’

That’s how Johanna and the rest of Womanizer hope to continue this closing of the gap in future. According to their work, ensuring that masturbation – or should we say, female masturbation and the function of the clitoris – is included in sex education is vital. Plus, of course, destigmatising sex toys even further.

Whatever they're doing, we say keep on doing it: it’s about time women treated themselves to more than one wank a week.

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