Stop Speculating Whether Christine Quinn Faked Her Pregnancy

The Selling Sunset star is the latest celebrity to be subject to an extremely hurtful, and sexist, conspiracy theory.

Christine Quinn

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If the latest season of Selling Sunset is anything to prove, it’s Christine Quinn’s world - and we’re just living in it. Christine had to spend time away from the office as she had her first child during filming - and yet her name is mentioned practically in every other breath by her colleagues. It’s hardly surprising that a woman who was practically made for reality TV still manages to have such a hold over her castmates, even when she’s not on screen.

Christine - with her sharp wit, cutting comebacks and dedication to high-octane glamour - also has a hold over audiences, too. She’s a Marmite character; loved and adored by many, but she also has her fair share of critics. However this season, as she’s become a mother, some of those less keen on Christine have been engaging with a highly-upsetting conspiracy theory: that she faked her pregnancy.

The rumour has been circulating on Reddit, but it’s now started to seep through to Twitter and Instagram. Fans of the show have been accusing Christine of wearing a ‘moonbump’ (a fake pregnant belly made of silicone and foam) and lying about her pregnancy, as they believe she had a surrogate. One tweet reads: ‘There is NO WAY in H E L L Christine Quinn had an emergency c-section, almost died, and bounced back within a week and was up and doing yoga like she way. That girl got a surrogate and faked her pregnancy. ‘

Some have even taken to asking Chrisitne{ =nofollow}directly in her DMs. Sharing a screenshot of one message, Christine revealed that one viewer had asked why she was setting ‘unrealistic expectations for postpartum moms when you didn't even carry the baby yourself’. The real estate agent responded, calling the trolls 'fucking sick'. Christine also replied to another tweet, pointing out that despite the fact people keep mentioning that she did yoga shortly after her baby arrived, but she was actually still pregnant when that was filmed. ‘I never worked out after my c section,’ she wrote. ‘Where did you read that. The yoga scene I was pregnant. It took me four months till I could even start yoga again.’

Of course, it’s understandable why Christine is keen to set the record straight, and why she’s so upset about this internet tittle-tattle. It would be a horrible rumour for any woman in the public eye to read about themselves, but considering that Christine has always been honest about how traumatic her emergency C-section was - it’s unbelievable that some are questioning whether she was lying about her, and her baby, nearly dying. (In a confessional for the show, Christine details how her husband was asked by an emergency nurse whether to save the new baby or Christine.)

Unfortunately, Christine is not the first famous woman - and, sadly, she probably won’t be the last - to be accused of faking her pregnancy. Meghan Markle was subject to the same kind of rumours when she was pregnant with her first child, Archie. And speaking of royalty, even Queen B - Beyonce{ =nofollow}- was asked by internet sleuths if she really gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy.

When you're still adjusting to life with a new baby, it can be hard to remember that celebrities still have access to professional hair, make-up, glam squads and stylists whose entire job is to make them look picture perfect. And as much as most of us would do a double take when we spot high-profile women, such as Christine, returning to work so quickly after giving birth - remember that it's because they’re able to sort, and afford, full-time childcare and potentially even night nannies to share the load. It’s also worth remembering that there is no state mandated paid maternity leave in America - which means the culture of maternity leave is very different to the UK, not just in the world of celebrity, with just 25% of new mothers taking nine weeks or more off with their baby.

But either way, incredulity over how Christine Quinn managed her return to work postpartum certainly need to turn into petty playground rumours played out on the internet. Especially not rumours which are so unbelievably sexist and hurtful. Christine might be known for being the show’s resident ‘villain’ - a role she sometimes plays up - but it’s worth remembering that even though she’s on TV, and she has an impeccable wardrobe most of us can only dream of, she’s a new mother, and she has feelings too.

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