‘It Was Just Awkward’: Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn On Confronting Her Maternity Leave Replacement

The reality star and real estate agent was back to work within one week of giving birth.

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It's been too long since Selling Sunset was in our lives, but the good news is: it's back soon. Meaning Christine Quinn - everyone's favourite extra estate agent - will return to screens. And if you're worried that she won't be in the series loads, because she's just had a baby - there's no need to worry, as Christine tells Grazia she's included in every single episode of season four.

Yep, really - she tells us she was back to work within a week of giving birth. 'For me, I really thrive on being busy and I love my work and I love what I do. I had a C section; it was no joke and serious surgery,' she says, speaking at the launch of her Ciaté make-up line in London.

'But the only way I felt better was to be up and walking around and moving,' she explains. 'So actually being at the office and working was making me heal quicker. So that's why I was excited to get back to work. I don't know how they're gonna cut up the episodes or make it look like I took off maternity leave, but I was back after a week.'

Christine might have been back to work in super quick time, but she says one of the main points of contention next series is that Jason Oppenheim, her boss, recruited someone to cover Christine as he was concerned she was taking time off. And, well, it doesn't sound like she had the best working relationship with her cover...

'I was going through maternity leave and Jason was worried that I was going to be taking time off,' she says. 'So he found a new associate who came into the office and we have very interesting feelings towards each other.' In the Selling Sunset office, that means drama - and it sounds like some of the other feuds haven't been resolved either. 'It was just awkward,' she continues. 'I'm doing my best to be friendly with her. But she was not very nice to me. Everyone else in the office is great, Mary and I still have a little bit of like a tiff. There's still tension there, unfortunately, I don't know why. And then Heather and I just seem to have drifted ways a little bit, which makes me sad.'

So, apart from some tension between colleagues, what else can we expect from series four? '[It] was definitely a very interesting season, we had a very rocky start - a lot of the girls haven't seen each other in a while. And since the last season, there's been a lot of rifts.' Oh, we can't wait for our favourite show about ludicrously rich people to return.

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