Mr. Big Has Put A Not-So-Mr. Big Pledge Behind Cynthia Nixon’s Run For Governor

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‘Go get our girl’, Miranda whispered to Mr. Big in that fateful final episode of Sex And The City, ultimately saving Carrie from her latest ridiculous decision. And with that seal of approval, Miranda prevented what would have been a catastrophic end to the world’s favourite noughties foursome. Now, in the most woke case of real life mirroring art, Mr. Big aka Chris Noth has returned the support to Miranda aka Cynthia Nixon and pledged his support for her campaign for Governor.

Not with words of course, that wouldn’t be Mr. Big’s style. No, he’s pledged with cold hard cash, to the tune of $2,500. We know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s not very Mr. Big of him’, but alas, life can only mirror art so far it seems. Regardless of the amount, his encouragement is clear, as is the support of the rest of the cast.

Not only has Mr. Big donated, but also her on-screen husband Steve AND in the most heart-warming case of women supporting women, Lynn Cohen aka MAGDA. Dear Magda, the unsung hero, always there to support Miranda on her endeavours.

In fact, she told The Cut, ‘She’s an amazing person, and she’s been talking about the schools and the children and I wish we had more people like that who are interested in the government. I also think we need women. You look at the government now and you think, where are the women? … Women are the smartest, let’s face it.’

With the support of her SATC cast behind her, including Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia has been campaigning for months, and has since amassed $1.6 million in public donations. Helped by her famous friends of course, the celebrity donations include $10,000 from Susan Sarandon and Lena Dunham (separately), $5000 from Debra Messing and, in the biggest donation, $16,000 from Alec Baldwin (is it awkward that the original Mr. Big aka Alec Baldwin has put down more than the actual Mr. Big?).

Since Cynthia has refused corporate donations in an effort not to be ‘bought and paid for by special interests’, the celebrity support has been much-needed. Her spokesperson, Lauren Hitt, spoke to the New York Daily News about the two most recent donations from Chris Noth and Alec Baldwin, stating ‘we are grateful for both of their support.’

While $1.6 million sounds like a lot for a governor’s campaign, to put it into perspective, her biggest rival and incumbent democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo had reportedly raised $30.5 million back in January, according to the New York Times. With a big budget like that to compete with, Cynthia’s going to need Chris to delve back into Mr. Big and bring out the I’ll-build-a-fabulous-wardrobe-in-our-new-upper-east-side-penthouse-without-blinking bucks...

Will more of Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriends donate to Cynthia's campaign? There are many to choose from, just take a look...


Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City1 of 20

Bill Sage

Our first experience of Carrie hooking up, Kurt is also Carries first experiment of having sex with no feelings. The only fabulous thing she's ever done, despite what she may think of herself, she leaves him straight after climax, not returning the favour. AN ICON.

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Cane Peterson

Carrie simply LOVES not learning her lesson to date immature men and spends a weekend flouncing around on skateboards and reading comics. There wasn't even a takeaway lesson from this one, just Carrie being a dickhead. Yet again.

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Ed Fry

This guy helped us solve the age-old dilemma – what do you do if your one-night-stand assumes you're a prostitute and leaves you $1,000. Answer? You keep it. Not your fault he's a presumptious fool.

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Patrick Breen

This long term romance, aka two episodes of Hamptons fun, saw Carrie entertain the idea of a doctor boyfriend. Of course, she crumbles to pieces seeing Big with his new girlfriend, never to see Dr Meego again. Not even for therapy, which she desperately needs.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City5 of 20

Richard Joseph Paul

This is the guy that gets 'addicted' to Carrie as a replacement for alcohol. Why? Who actually knows, the womans a nightmare.

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Jon Bon Jovi

In another episode of 'all the ridiculously famous men you never realized were on SATC', Bon Jovi is the living embodiment of everything Carrie does wrong in relationships. She falls for a guy in her therapist's office, where she's trying to figure out why she always chooses the wrong men, who reveals after sleeping with her that he's in therapy because he 'loses interest after sex'. Carries life summed up in one sentence.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City7 of 20

Eddie Cahill

In an episode that proved Carrie is about as politically aware as a fig, Sean played her bisexual boyfriend. She couldn't quite get on board with the fact that Sean was attracted to both women and men, feminist icon that she is.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City8 of 20

Craig Bierko

Sometimes, I swear Carrie dates men just so she can use a good metaphor to describe them. Simultaneously playing Jazz music and her, Ray fell short when he couldn't focus on her for more than 2 minutes, literally.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City9 of 20

David Duchovny

Taking Carries ability to understand mental health issues to that all-time low, this episode sees Carrie reunite with her high school sweetheart only to learn he's in a mental health facility. His year-long stay is what gets it for her, even though it'd probably do her some good to join him.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City10 of 20

Chris Noth

Love him or hate him, he's what she bloody deserves. Not the painful back and forth through 6 seasons, that's not anything you'd wish on your worst enemy, but in the end she CAN'T be with a man like Aidan. She's selfish, needy and whiny. An all round dickhead if you will. And Big is the shaft to her bellend, one cannot survive without the other.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City11 of 20

John Corbett

The human embodiment of a puppy dog, Aidan is Carrie's antithesis and frankly, far too good for her.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City12 of 20

Dean Winters

A lesson in how to choose a fuck buddy, Dean plays carries 'in-between relationships' guy. While Carrie has awful taste in dateable men, she has a rare stroke of luck with this one since he is PERFECT fuck buddy material being the most boring person on earth but good in bed. She doesn't see it that way, of course, but who expects to date their fuck buddy anyway?

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City13 of 20

John Slattery

Exploring all the aspects of modern day relationships as it did (eye roll), this episode saw Carrie encounter a man with a golden shower fetish. TBH we don't blame her for running from this one, how the fuck are you meant to orgasm with piss all over your chest?

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Ron Livingston

The whiniest, most insecure of all men Carrie dated, Berger gave us all the tell-tale signs of men to avoid. Toxic masculinity in-carnate, Jack Berger proves that insecure men don't always throw fists to prove they've got balls, they ride SUPER FAST motorbikes because they're SUPER COOL.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City15 of 20

Mikhail Baryshnikov

EW. LET ME REPEAT. EW. This ridiculous, confusing choice of love interest for Carrie frankly lasted far too long for my liking. WHO, I MEAN WHOOOO moves to Paris for a man that is so patronizing, egotistical, uptight and dismissive of her career/feeling/life?? This man's demise could not come soon enough, I begrudge the entire season 6 for this sole reason.

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Timothy Olyphant

Her Mr. Big rebound who lived like an ABSOLUTE pig put us off 'twenty-something guys' before we even turned twenty.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City17 of 20

Vince Vaughn

Otherwise known 'Men Are Trash', Vince's character tells her he's Matt Damon's agent when he's really Carrie Fisher's personal assistant. But you know, Carrie can't move past anything ever in life so, he was a gonner after one episode.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City18 of 20

Bradley Cooper

Ahh a young Bradley Cooper. Somehow his long locks manage to look more grease-ball than rough around the edges on SATC. He's one of her many 'I'm fabulous but need the validation of a man to feel it' hook-ups.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City19 of 20

Justin Theroux (Part 1)

Playing a superficial writer, Justin was another man Carrie used to get over Mr. Big, not that he was complaining.

Every Guy Carrie Dated On Sex And The City20 of 20

Justin Theroux (Part 2)

What do you know, a season later Justin Theroux returns unrecognizable with a buzz cut. In yet another example of toxic masculinity, Vaughn can't communicate his 'shortcomings' leading what would've been a fabulous pairing into sad sad demise.

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