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Mr. Big Has Put A Not-So-Mr. Big Pledge Behind Cynthia Nixon’s Run For Governor

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‘Go get our girl’, Miranda whispered to Mr. Big in that fateful final episode of Sex And The City, ultimately saving Carrie from her latest ridiculous decision. And with that seal of approval, Miranda prevented what would have been a catastrophic end to the world’s favourite noughties foursome. Now, in the most woke case of real life mirroring art, Mr. Big aka Chris Noth has returned the support to Miranda aka Cynthia Nixon and pledged his support for her campaign for Governor.

Not with words of course, that wouldn’t be Mr. Big’s style. No, he’s pledged with cold hard cash, to the tune of $2,500. We know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s not very Mr. Big of him’, but alas, life can only mirror art so far it seems. Regardless of the amount, his encouragement is clear, as is the support of the rest of the cast.

Not only has Mr. Big donated, but also her on-screen husband Steve AND in the most heart-warming case of women supporting women, Lynn Cohen aka MAGDA. Dear Magda, the unsung hero, always there to support Miranda on her endeavours.

In fact, she told The Cut, ‘She’s an amazing person, and she’s been talking about the schools and the children and I wish we had more people like that who are interested in the government. I also think we need women. You look at the government now and you think, where are the women? … Women are the smartest, let’s face it.’

With the support of her SATC cast behind her, including Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia has been campaigning for months, and has since amassed $1.6 million in public donations. Helped by her famous friends of course, the celebrity donations include $10,000 from Susan Sarandon and Lena Dunham (separately), $5000 from Debra Messing and, in the biggest donation, $16,000 from Alec Baldwin (is it awkward that the original Mr. Big aka Alec Baldwin has put down more than the actual Mr. Big?).

Since Cynthia has refused corporate donations in an effort not to be ‘bought and paid for by special interests’, the celebrity support has been much-needed. Her spokesperson, Lauren Hitt, spoke to the New York Daily News about the two most recent donations from Chris Noth and Alec Baldwin, stating ‘we are grateful for both of their support.’

While $1.6 million sounds like a lot for a governor’s campaign, to put it into perspective, her biggest rival and incumbent democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo had reportedly raised $30.5 million back in January, according to the New York Times. With a big budget like that to compete with, Cynthia’s going to need Chris to delve back into Mr. Big and bring out the I’ll-build-a-fabulous-wardrobe-in-our-new-upper-east-side-penthouse-without-blinking bucks...

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