Why Are We Suddenly Obsessed With The Bottlecap Challenge?

Yes, despite the million other things we don't have time to do we're going to watch all of them too...

Bottle cap challenge

by Sofia Tindall |
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The bottle cap challenge: because it's been a while since we had something to watch to satisfy the boredom of sitting on the tube/hitting the 4pm office lull/scrolling through Facebook at 11.38pm when your brain is refusing to succumb to sleep.

Every time an internet-based challenge comes around, we find ourselves asking the same question - why do we love them so much? Perhaps it's the light relief vs. the politically tumultuous times we live in, or maybe we just really like watching Kendall Jenner do the same thing as our mates (albeit on the back of a jet ski...). Perhaps it could also have something to do with our desire to be a part of a community in a digitally-disenfranchised world.

Whatever the reason, like the #inmyfeelings challenge, the bottle cap challenge has captured the imagination of civilians and celebrities alike. If you are by now familiar with it, you'll know that it involves spinning the screw-top off a bottle of your choosing with a nifty roundhouse-style kick and the most important part: the iPhone's slow-mo function (which we haven't had the opportunity to use since Summer '15 when we first discovered it - finally!).

Everyone from Ellie Goulding to Mariah Carey has been turning their hand to bottle-cap spinning skills, and as it turns out - some of them have some serious game. Who knew Hailey Bieber was the person to turn to for some cool bar tricks? Here are the best ones we've seen so far...

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