EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Goulding Says Her Real Squad IS NOT Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Squad

Watch Ellie Goulding Talk About Her REAL Girl Squad


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Today on Joshington Postthe pop phenomenon, Ellie Goulding joins our Josh Newis-Smith for a jolly good chinwag ahead of performing at Itimissimi on Ice! Given the occasion it would be rude not to ask the Brit Award Winner about her tips for seducing a chap in undies, Dougie's Pants and also just what she thought about Calvin Harris appearing in THOSE ads. Racy, much? Obviously being the biggest Taylor Swift fan Joshington couldn’t resist asking about THE girl squad, however it turns out that Ellie Goulding’s actual squad are her actual friends... Here's what Ellie spilt the beans on...

Joshington Post caught up with Ellie Goulding ahead of her perfromance at Intimissimi On Ice. Torvil and Dean, much?
Joshington Post caught up with Ellie Goulding ahead of her perfromance at Intimissimi On Ice. Torvil and Dean, much?

Ellie Goulding on her ACTUAL girl squad #SozTaylor

You should meet my friends who are with me- they are the actually the best squad! Everyone always comments on whenever we do shows or promo, they all say my team is the best team. We all have a really good sense of humor, everyone is down to earth and there’s no divas.

Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift may be pals but Ellie's real squad is very seperate (Getty)

Ellie Goulding on Calvin Harris’ Underwear Campaign

I was just like ‘what the hell’ (when I saw the adverts)! I think I saw it somewhere in a department store and sent him a picture of it and said ‘LOL!’ It’s funny because he’s more of a brother to me. He is quite an inspiration because he eats really well, doesn’t drink and takes really good care of his body.

Ellie Goulding on Dougie Poynter’s Underwear

I like a good boxer, but I think he’d look good in briefs or Y fronts, I’ve never seen him in those! I have a feeling he doesn’t like a Y-front, so I like him in just a nice tight boxer.

Turns out Ellie likes Dougie in a jolly good boxer (Getty)

Ellie Goulding on her fitness regime #6packGoals

I like to do a combination of things that are challenging and then balance it out with yoga techniques. If I made a bootcamp it would be hard! SIGN US UP!

Ellie Goulding on her new songs being slut drop appropriate

I think it is the best thing I’ve done yet, I’ve worked with some of the most incredible producers in the world. It was me reaching out to them personally, saying, ‘what do you think, do you want to make some music together?’ We’ve just made this really cool thing and sometimes I listen back to the tracks and can’t believe it’s me! A lot of work has gone into it, blood, sweat and tears but it has worked out really beautifully. It’s just a great pop record and really stoked with it... It's actually quite dance orientated. You can get a few slut drops in there!

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