All The Things You Won’t Believe Actually Happened In 2020

Lockdown has definitely warped our sense of time, right?

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It might be the enormity of the Covid-19 news cycle, or lockdown turning all our brains to mush, but as we enter the six-month mark of lockdown rules our sense of time seems warped. 2020 is the year of the pandemic, that's all it feels like. But actually, before we knew how serious the battle with coronavirus would become, there were a ton of - what felt like - unforgettable news moments this year.

From the so-called Megxit to that Brad and Jen reunion, the beginning of 2020 was filled with jaw-dropping news moments that at the time, seemed too iconic to forget. Now, as we look back on them, we can't help but feel they were years ago. Just check them out for yourself, you'll definitely be surprised half of these ever happened this year...


Things You Can't Believe Happened In 2020 - Grazia

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Brad and Jen reunited

Remember when this truly seemed like one of the most unforgettable moments of the year? Well, in January, it pretty much was. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited at the SAG Awards and made for these, utterly iconic, pictures and the world fell apart.

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Meghan and Harry sought independence

This has to take the cake for things you definitely thought happened pre-2020. Meghan and Harry cutting official ties with the Royal Family was the biggest news of the year pre-Covid-19. And yet, after six months of lockdown and our brains seemingly turning to mush, this history-making moment seems to have been lost to things that can't have happened in the year of the pandemic.

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The nation mourned Caroline Flack

The world became a little dimmer this year after the passing of Caroline Flack. It may be because of all of the light she bought to Love Island, but it definitely feels as though we lost her before the horrors of 2020 raged on. Read her beautiful tribute from friend Danny Bell here.

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We officially left the EU

Battling the coronavirus has more than taken the spotlight off Brexit this year, but if recent events are anything to go by, the government gaffes rage on. We officially left the EU on the 31st of January.

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Parasite won the Oscar for best film

Despite concerns about Covid-19 rising in February, awards season went right on ahead with this iconic moment a huge-talking point. Parasite made history as the first time a film which isn't in the English language has won best picture at the Oscars.

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‘Congrat’s hun’

Is it just us, or does Winter Love Island feel like a fever dream? The January series began this year and despite all the drama - including this iconic 'congrats, hun.' moment, we can't quite believe the first month of the year was actually dedicated to Love Island.

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Australia suffered devastating bushfires

This, at the very least, feels like last Summer, no? Actually, the terrifying Australian bushfires that devastated 46 million acres of land and killed 34 people was ongoing from June 2019 ending in March 2020. This was the first clue that 2020 was going to be THAT kind of year.

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The Madeleine McCann case reignited

In June this year, it was the first time prosecutors issued a statement saying that Madeleine McCan is 'presumed dead'. The complicated case made news this morning too, with Italian prosecutors stating that they have 'material evidence' of this, however the suspect in question Christian Brueckner denies the accusation and his lawyer has stated that there is 'no smoking gun' evidence against his client.

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Billie Eilish won all the Grammys

You may remember Billie Eilish's hilarious 'what the hell is going on face' at the Academy Awards as Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph performed an interesting medley - but does it not seem like years ago she was cleaning up award season herself? The 18-year-old won five Grammy's this year, resulting in a series of awkward speeches for the singer who has since admitted she hated being in a room full of her idols knowing they 'lowkey resent' her.

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Jessica let her dog drink wine of her glass

Seriously, did Love Is Blind actually happen or did we dream it? Not only does Jessica Batten seem like reality-TV royalty already, the show itself was so binge-able it feels as though we've watched it for years. Actually, our Love Is Blind obsession only began in February this year - and yes we are elated to be reminded of Jessica' feeding her dog wine.

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Jess Glynne got refused entry to sexy fish

In a news item that definitely belongs in the noughties, Jess Glynne's infamous 'discrimination' accusation after she was turned away from Sexy Fish for wearing joggers was actually only in June. At least she can take solace in the fact we very much forgot this ever happened.

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We were all obsessed with Cheer

Cheer may be back in the news for the distressing arrest of cast member Jerry Harris, but our obsession with the show itself feels worlds away. Remember dark nights snuggling up, crying over the casts tear-jerking backstories? That definitely feels as though it were at least pre-Christmas 2019.

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Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison

Celebrations of Harvey Weinstein's sentencing were someone swept away this year as the news cycle focused on the battle against coronavirus, but Weinstein actually went to prison in March. Hey, that's one thing 2020 got right, huh?

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The Pentagon released a UFO video that flew under the radar

A news story you may not have even seen among all the chaos, the Pentagon released UFO footage just five months ago. After being leaked in 2007 and 2017 respectively, three unclassified Navy videos were officially released for the public this year and show flying objects in space. 'The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as "unidentified"',' a statement from the US Department of Defense read.

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Grimes gave birth to X Æ A-12

No, baby X Æ A-12 isn't two years old now, he's just over four months. That's right, the birth of Grimes and Elon Musk's uniquely named child happened mid-lockdown chaos, doesn't this feel like it was at least pre-lockdown?

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