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The IKEA Autumn/Winter 2018 Trends That Interior Influencers Will Be All Over


Whether you care to admit it or not, IKEA furniture remains a staple in our adult homeware endeavors. When you move home or even attempt an interior update of your own, at least one trip to the blue and yellow superstore is always somewhere on the agenda. It's better to accept it now than when you're reluctantly trudging through the fifth show lounge pretending not to want to buy everything in sight.

Admittedly, we tend to rely on the Swedish empire for the basics - the Billy bookcase, the white cubic shelves and the Renz sheepskin rug are all celebrated staples in the photo-ready interior game. But what you might be surprised to hear is that there's much more to the IKEA haul on the horizon. IKEA's Autumn/Winter 2018 look book has finally arrived and we've scoured the collection to spot the key interior trends to keep an eye on over the coming months.

If, like us, you often find yourself buried hours deep into an Instagram click-hole, desperately trying to trace homeware inspiration back to it's original (and affordable) source to try and recreate yourself, don't fret. Allow us to reveal that old trusty-faithful IKEA is as good a starting point as any. The art is just picking the right 'of the moment' things.

And you'll be pleased to know there's no need to upcycle your budget purchases this time around. Put down the contact paper and metalic gold spray paint, my friends. Here are the trends and items we think the interior influencers will be tapping into next season.

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