Rejoice! IKEA Has Invented A Furniture Range That Snaps Together In Seconds!

No more screwdrivers, no more fights as you try and build a wardrobe

Rejoice! IKEA Has Invented A Furniture Range That Snaps Together In Seconds!

by Chloe Gray |
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Rejoice! You can now redecorate your home without testing the strength of your relationship/friendship/flatmateship, as IKEA have introduced a new no-stress range (not the official USP).

A group of geniuses at the company have introduced a new fitting, called a wedge dowel, which snaps together in seconds meaning that we can all wave goodbye to screws and tools. They will not be missed.

The Lisabo series is the first to get the new glorious set up, but the Swedish furniture giant intends on rolling it out across all ranges soon.

In a bizarre interview with Dezeen, IKEA’s range and supply manager Jesper Brodin blamed the reason for the invention on modern romance: ‘People move a lot more now. There are more divorces. So if you get kicked out [of your house] in the morning you can reassemble your table in the afternoon.’

But I would like to call BS on his next quote: ‘I actually put together a table which used to take me 24 minutes to assemble but took me three minutes to click together’. Not because clicking something together in three minutes is unbelievable. But because he claims to have built screw-together-IKEA-furniture in 24 minutes… impossible. Hence why we will be racing down to our local as soon as it comes out, but we’re unsure when that will be.

Do you think we can do an exchange for a wardrobe from 2009? Unused, of course. It’s been too daunting to tackle.

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