The Best Things To Do On Boxing Day And Beyond

There's more to the post-festive period than just eating and sleeping.

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So, the big day has been and gone and there’s the expanse between Christmas and New Year – AKA Betwixtmas – to fill. But while it may be tempting to spend the period sustaining a food coma with leftovers and binging on the last scraps of Christmas telly, if you’re lucky enough to not be working, it’s a great time to take stock and reset for the year ahead.


There’s still Christmas frolics to be had, with most pop-up events lasting well into the New Year, but you can also make the most of the time from the comfort of home. So whether you want to get out and about or are still in hibernation mode until 2023, here’s some ideas to keep you busy.

Make a vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and ambition, which can help with manifestation and with achieving what you set out at the start of the year – and they’re fun to make. All you need is a big piece of card, some fun stationary like coloured pens, pencils and stickers and a stack of magazines. Sit yourself down in front of some crap telly and reconnect with your inner child with some wholesome arts and crafts.

Head back to the gym

If you’re wanting to wait until the new year to get back to normality and want to spend a few more days on the sofa, that’s more than cool – but if the festive period has left you feeling sluggish and not your best, getting your arse in gear for a gym sesh might be just the antidote, and you never regret a work out.

Go to the pub

If you’re in desperate need of getting out of the house – and, let’s be honest, away from your family – your local pub is the perfect place to get some respite. Plus, bonus points: you’re likely to bump into a load of your old friends from home doing the same thing.

Go ice skating

The famous ice rink at the Natural History Museum might be gone (RIP) but there are still loads of ice rinks around London, including at Somerset House, Battersea Power House and The Queen’s House in Greenwich, not to mention every festive pop up in the city, from Winterville to Winter Wonderland and Skylight in Tobacco Dock. All it’ll take is a quick google to find what your city has to offer.

Do some online learning

If you’ve got kids, chances are you mastered how to keep them entertained while not much is open during lockdown. But all those online courses, from ukulele to photography lessons for little ones, are still up and running (bad news about Joe Wicks, though) andwe’ve already compiled a whole load of them to try out.

Make the most of the festive pop ups

If getting out of the house is a priority this boxing day, there are loads of pop ups and Christmas events that only run over the festive period you’d be a fool to miss. Along with the many, many Christmas markets all over the place (top points for mulled wine, but not so great to drag the kids around), there’s load of family friendly options for the kids – and you – to get excited about.


If you've spent Christmas with family, the next day is the perfect time to gather your pals together for round two. Sure, you're likely to have mountains of leftovers from Christmas, cooking is half the fun, so if you've got the energy (and the room) now's your chance to mix up tradition with making your own version of a Christmas dinner - plus, more presents.

Hit the shops

The boxing day salesare universally feared, but the inevitable hell on earth of joining the throng to get your bargains has had an unlikely impact - actual in real life shops really are nowhere near as busy as you think they're going to be, and it's much easier to spot a find when your in amongst the rails and not browsing a website.

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