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Yesterday, while we were nursing hangovers and ignoring last night’s dishes, Stacey Solomon was sorting our lives out for us on her new TV show. Literally. The singer-turned-TV host presented the first episode of BBC’s Sort Your Life Out, giving us all of the decluttering tips we’re usually treated to over on her Instagram.

Joined by home organiser Dilly Carter, carpenter and upcycle Robert Bent, and cleaning fanatic Iwan Carrington, the show appears to have been a hit – at least according to our social media and trusted Google Trends. This morning, ‘Stacey Solomon new TV show BBC’, ‘Stacey Solomon declutter programme’ and ‘Stacey Solomon Sort Your Life Out’ were all trending – alongside her much-loved Instagram hashtag ‘Tap to Tidy’, now the name of her latest book.

It seems everyone wants to know how to get their home as clean and organised as Stacey, with her decluttering tips trending almost every time she shares them. With that in mind, we’ve decided to round-up all the most popular decluttering tips she shared on her new TV programme and Instagram alike – all for your ease.

Literally empty your entire house out

It might sound like a mammoth task, but that’s essentially what Sort Your Life Out is all about. Helping one family at a time sort their house out, this week Stacey asked the Yaku family to completely empty out their homes contents and each choose what they wanted to keep and get rid of.

If you’re following along at home, perhaps it’s best to take one room at a time – or if you’re anything like us, a wardrobe clear out will be a whole weekend gone – and be stern with yourself about the items you actually use.

Before you know it, there’ll be a ton less clutter to organise!

Upcycle your old furniture

Another task given to the Yaku family, the home organisers suggested upcycling furniture rather than replacing it completely. Cost-effective and fun, it means you can keep up with the trends without adding more clutter to your house.

Slant your kitchen shelves

One of the easiest tips from the show came when Stacey explained how she made her kitchen more accessible and clutter-free. Using tension rods, storage boxes and curtain clips, she created slanted shelves for tinned food with rods to keep them all from falling out. She then hung sauce and seasoning packets from rods attached to the top of the shelves to make them all more visible.

‘Always reconfigure your shelves to make them work for you,’ she explained. ‘These tension rods are just like curtain poles, essentially you just fit them into your space. It just means when you're putting tins in you can see that whole row now…I love these things and I've put some curtain clips on it so then it's like a wardrobe of sauces. You can easily see everything you have got in there. I do these with my packets and honestly it has changed my life.’

Use your stairs for storage

No, we’re not talking about a cupboard under the stairs Harry Potter style, but actual storage within the stairs. In the show, the team managed to turn the bottom step of the stairs into a drawer for shoe storage! There’s no telling what else you could do with hacks like that, it seems anything can be storage if you’re creative enough.

In fact, Stacey once shared on Instagram that she always invests in multi-use furniture when decorating her house. From sofa’s to beds, there are a ton of options on sites like Stacey even installed plinth drawers underneath her new kitchen cabinets, which she said were perfect for extra snacks that couldn’t fit in the cupboards.

All glass everything

One of the most famous tips from Stacey’s kitchen decluttering has to be her use of glass jars for literally everything. From rice and pasta to spices, Stacey puts everything in labelled glass jars – which you can print yourself here - for a clean, efficient approach. She does the same in her fridge with plastic storage trays for everything from veggies to eggs!

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