Stacey Solomon Has Moved Into Her Incredible New ‘Forever Home’

'Here's to the next chapter in Pickle Cottage.'

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Throughout the pandemic, Stacey Solomon's Instagram account has been there to entertain us, assure us and inspire us to find solace in tidying. (So much so, she's just released a book on the Tap To Tidy phenomenon.) But yesterday Stacey revealed some big news, that she has just moved into her 'forever home' with her family, a serene looking mansion - which she has adorably called Pickle Cottage - in Essex.

Yesterday, the Loose Women panelist shared some of her house move on social media, and in true Stacey style, did a Tap To Tidy style click on her Instagram stories when moving some of the things out of her old home. She later shared a snap outside the picturesque cottage - which is thought to be worth around £1.2million - with her sons and her fiancé Joe{ =nofollow}.

'Home Sweet Home. And so a new chapter begins,' Stacey wrote. 'We can not even describe how strange it feels that this is home. Never in a million years did we ever think this would be. We feel so lucky and are so grateful to have found this hidden treasure closer to our family and further out.

'We can’t wait to fill it with love and give it our everything. To raise our family here. And to just start a fresh. I’m very emotional for some reason. It still hasn’t sunk in and doesn’t quite feel real.' She also shared an adorable video where her kids ran into the Wendy house, and showed the pool and sprawling garden.

Stacey Solomon
©Stacey Solomon

On Friday, she announced the move, saying that she had been searching with Joe for a new house for a long time. 'Soooo....For a very long time Joe and me have been searching for our forever home, further from the city and closer to our family,' she said.

The Home Partnership
©The Home Partnership

'A few months ago we saw a house that we couldn't even believe was on the market and in the same budget as our house now. There were SO many signs. I really believe in signs and they were everywhere and it just didn't seem real. We thought it was too good to be true and have not wanted to say anything just in case it didn't happen...'

We're looking forward to seeing Stacey undoubtedly work her Tap To Tidy magic on the house.

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