Who Is Mrs Hinch? Everything You Need To Know About The Queen Of Clean

And, the £3 cleaning product she's obsessed with.

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by Rhiannon Evans |

If you're not familiar with Mrs Hinch, AKA the Queen of clean, AKA Sophie Hinchcliffe, she's a cleaning mega-star and instagram sensation, that somehow manages to make cleaning look fun...

A day in a life of Mrs Hinch includes testing cleaning products on her insta stories in front of her 3.5million followers, and making us all incredibly envious of her clean home and savviness, finding cleaning gems that don't cost the earth.

Now, a host of reality TV stars are following suit, as Mrs Hinch has influenced them to buy her latest discovery… a toilet cleaner. Dr. Beckmann's newly launched Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner, to be precise. And, to be fair to them, once you see this toilet cleaner go, you’ll probably be hooked too, because it basically means NO SCRUBBING or touching/getting your hands dirty, by creating a big old foam that creeps up the toilet.


Love Island star Olivia Bowen trialled the foam on her interiors page, The Bowen Home. ‘Guys this stuff is SO great! I’m gonna use it on the other loos today, it has 3 sachets in each box… Honestly I rate it 9/10 because it’s so easy and minimal scrubbing was required! Just left in there for ten mins and scrubbed it a bit with the loo brush and flushed!’

Other fans online have included Marnie Simpson and Lynsey Queen of Clean.


The official website says: ‘Dr. Beckmann Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner is a fast and convenient way to deep clean your toilet bowl whilst leaving behind an ultra-fresh fragrance. The innovative formula targets beneath the surface and develops a deep self-activating foam aiding the effective removal of tough stains, odours and limescale. Add hot water to your toilet before using the product to increase the activity of the foam.’

You can buy the sachets here.


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