Mrs Hinch Denies Rumours She Has A Secret Cleaner

The Instagram star with over 2 million followers has been the subject of intense social media trolling

Mrs Hinch

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Sophie Hinchcliffe, better known to her followers as Mrs Hinch, has become an Instagram star with her cleaning tips.

However, despite the star's success, rumours have started that she might actually have a secret cleaner!

The 29-year-old, who is currently pregnant, is believed to have amassed a massive £1 million through her Instagram posts, but after rumours emerged that not everything is as it first seemed, she has taken to Instagram saying, ''Mrs Hinch upset over a secret cleaner?' First of all I've never even heard this ridiculous rumour until 5 minutes ago! So that's not why I was upset.'

She continued, 'Secondly I would never have a cleaner! No one cleans my home but me and Mr Hinch! That Hinching for me mate. I'm not sharing that ! Soz!'

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This post comes shortly after Mrs Hinch posted an emotional video where she opened up about a troll who pulled her apart. She later posted a photo, showing off her baby bump and opening up to her fans explaining why she was emotional.

'If you watched my story today you’ll see it started off difficult and I was a little emotional (sorry about that) but we all have days like this I’m sure , and that’s okay!' [sic]

Mrs Hinch is now back home after spending some time in hospital due to her pregnancy. During her time in hospital, the star regularly updated her fans. Earlier this month, Mrs Hinch told her fans that she was still in hospital a week after being admitted, but she hoped to be out soon.

Posting a series of Instagram Stories, Mrs Hinch showed her fans a colouring book she's been doing, telling her fans, 'Check my little flower basket out Hinchers 😀1 week today I've been in hospital and I can honestly say I can't wait to be allowed home! Hopefully soon 🙏🏻❤️'.

Mrs Hinch Instagram
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In a second Story she wrote, 'Honestly your messages have kept me smiling in here Hinchers! It is strange that I feel like you all know me so well! And you all just know exactly what to say to help me? I'm so grateful ...'

Mrs Hinch is now back in her sparkling home and continues to update her fans.

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