Stacey Solomon And Mrs Hinch Are Causing IKEA To Sell Out Of Storage Items

They're influencing how we organise.

Stacey Solomon

by Rhiannon Evans |

First there was the Kate Middleton Effect, then there was the Meghan Markle effect, now two new shopping icons have started dictating our spending patterns – Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch (aka Sophie Hinchcliffe).

It seems Stacey and Sophie’s recent trips to IKEA have caused the homes superstore to actually sell out of the products they’ve been displaying on their Instagram stories. Let’s remember that this is the shop that manages to stock enough items basically provide multiple generations with all the Billy shelves and tumblers they need year in, year out…

Over the weekend, a fan of Stacey’s messaged her (and the Loose Women star then reposted) saying: ‘I just asked in IKEA for some storage things I want and she said, ‘No all sold out thanks to Miss Solomon’. Don’t know what made her think that’s was asking @staceysolomon’

Stacey's fans told her IKEA was selling out
Stacey's fans told her IKEA was selling out ©@staceysolomon

Well, we presume they think that because it’s not the first time it’s happened. Beyond the anecdotal evidence of Stacey’s fans, we contacted IKEA, who confirmed that all their stores and website had sold out of these container holders and fans were also causing a raid on many of their storage items.

Stacey used the products to create sneaky extra storage in her craft cupboard last month, using the £2.50 brackets to create an extra 'draw' underneath her shelves, and the hack seems to have been a massive hit with all her fans.

Stacey's IKEA storage
Stacey's IKEA storage ©@staceysolomon

While Mrs Hinch was the woman who got everyone obsessed with cleaning, Stacey has gained notoriety this year as the Queen of Organisation. Her millions of followers began copying her ‘tap to tidy’ posts, where she takes a picture of the room before and after tidying, then posts them next to each other on Instagram Stories.

In recent weeks, her tidying obsession seems to have stepped up (she recently made headlines everywhere for hanging her crisps up on tension rods), and she has posted from IKEA several times, buying mainly glass jars, then labelling them at home with everything from ‘fabric softener’ to ‘batteries’.

Stacey's IKEA haul
Stacey's IKEA haul ©@staceysolomon

Stacey and Mrs Hinch even instagrammed a recent trip to IKEA where the former X Factor star climbed up on displays to get the jars that she wanted.

Agnieszka Lachowicz, Home Furnishing Business Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland, confirmed that Stacey’s love of the store’s storage items has seen a boom in purchases.

‘We’re thrilled to see that Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch love our IKEA 365+ food storage range, which is a big hit with our customers,’ she said. ‘Our variety of airtight food containers are perfect for storing everything from ingredients to leftovers for lunch. Many are transparent so you can see what's inside and never run out of biscuits or forget about the salad in the fridge!’

Why have we suddenly got a craving for meatballs…?


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