Stacey Solomon Hangs Her Crisps – And No One Can Quite Believe It

She now has an 'organisation' highlight on Instagram as well as 'tap to tidy' and we are obsessed...

Stacey Solomon

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Stacey Solomon has officially become a triple threat. Making waves online with her tidying hacks, the singer-turned-TV-host is now a cleaning influencer icon as well. It’s not just her unbelievably satisfying ‘tap to tidy’ Instagram stories that put her firmly in cleanfluencer territory. It’s now the fact she is so organised that she actually hangs her crisps.

Yes, you read that right.

Stacey Solomon hanging her crisps
Stacey Solomon hanging her crisps ©@staceysolomon

Sharing videos of her kitchen cupboards last Friday, Solomon revealed she had a load of tension rods left over in her home and so decided to go and get curtain ties with clips on the end to better organise her kitchen. And it’s not just the crisps. Solomon also hangs her wash cloths and labels literally every type of food in her house with individual clear boxes. As in dark, milk and white chocolate all have different boxes with labels on.

But her crisp-hanging has been the most notable of her new organisation sharing. ‘This is all getting a bit out of hand,’ she said on Instagram after holding up a picture of The Sun’s story on her snack storage solutions.

Now she’s added ‘Organising’ to her Instagram highlights as well as her 'Tap To Tidy' highlight, providing followers with inspiration for organising their own home. She has also become friends with cleanfluencer icon Mrs Hinch.

But what has driven this new wave of interest in influencers famous for their organisation? It’s a mind-boggling phenomenon for anyone living in London, at least – who wants to put that much effort into their tiny rented flat? And more than that, who has the space to actually hang crisps?!

Outside of London, of course, where there's a tad more space, Solomon’s organisation is, arguably, more of an option for homeowners. And cleaning influencers bring some authenticity to social media. Because while we may not all be able to relate to having insanely clean houses, cleaning influencers don’t just show the ultimate glory of their hard work. Instead, the pull of cleaning influencers is in the transformation. The before-to-after pictures that show that you, too, could have an Instagrammable home if you just got off the sofa (and bought 800 tension rods from Ikea). Where before influencers were known for their perfect - and heavily curated - lives, with cleaning influencers we get to see all the effort that goes into creating that.

Stacey hanging her crips
Stacey hanging her crisps ©@staceysolomon

‘The world of mega lifestyle influencers has been criticised as being on the cusp of an “authenticity crisis” and potentially reaching a saturation point,’ Kate Joynes-Burgess, managing director of Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW), a PR agency for digital influencers told The Guardian. ‘This has seemingly made way for more niche-focused influencers and conversations to blossom.’

It makes sense, then, that Solomon has become one of the poster-women for the industry since her brand has always succeeded because of both her likeability and relatability. Maybe not all of us can relate to the desire to hang our crisps, but we certainly can to the satisfaction that comes with watching someone else do it.

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