Campaign’s ‘Fancy Flat Pack Furniture’ Is Basically Ikea But Better

A new furniture company has designed high-quality flat-pack sofas that can be sent in the mail with your other online orders

‘Campaign’ Furniture You Can Get Through The Post

by Frankie Wildish |

IKEA has a new rival: furniture company Campaign has created flat-packed sofas that require no tools to assemble, making delivery a breeze and meaning that the process of putting it all together won’t cause huge family arguments or take you half a day. Far from the hours of pain everyone steels themselves for when putting up an IKEA bookcase, Campaign have even put out a video showing how one of their chairs can be put together in under three minutes.

Founder and ex-Apple engineer Brad Sewell spoke to Entrepreneur about bringing more engineers to the furniture industry, pointing out that ‘the brightest minds in design aren’t going to the furniture space’, and are usually attracted to companies like Apple and Boeing. He spotted the gap in the market for easily transportable, affordable furniture, and even carried one of his flat-packed armchairs around Manhattan on the subway to prove the concept. Sewell promises his sofas and chairs are aesthetically pleasing as well as totally convenient, with classic designs that slot nicely into any room.

There’s currently three choices on offer from Campaign’s first collection: a single seater armchair, a couple’s loveseat and their full-size three seater sofa. Priced between $595 (£448) and $1195 (about £900), the pieces are designed to be high-quality but reasonably affordable for furniture you can get sent to your door in a neat box within a few days of ordering.

With Campaign’s example, hopefully soon the rest of the furniture market will catch on - we all can't wait for the day that hauling your ten-tonne couch between houses while moving, only to find that it doesn't fit through your new doorway, is long gone.

  • Image courtesy of Campaign Living*

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