11 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are So 2016

Sexy kittens, be gone. Our 2016 Halloween costumes are going to be smarter, funnier and less last-minute than ever before.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

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Here are 11 Halloween fancy dress ideas that would be perfect (and original) for this year…


RIP Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Their whirlwind romance ended abruptly in August, but could definitely be immortalised in your Halloween party photos.

You will need: An I Heart T.S. tee, preferably all ripped up.

Blake Lively
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Netflix’s biggest hit is about to spawn Halloween’s most popular costume. Online searches for the Stranger Things character’s signature pink dress have already rocketed according to fashion retailer Lyst, but we think that her government institution look, below, is even spookier.

You will need: A hospital gown, a helmet made of wires and pipe cleaners, a can of Coke (or a box of waffles), fake blood around your nose.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

Joyce Byers

Winona Ryder’s Stranger Things character may, however, be a slightly less obvious choice. Equally kooky and easy to pull off, though.

You will need: A string of Christmas tree light wrapped around baggy jeans and a khaki shirt, with a household lamp to hold.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

Hillary Clinton

The US election is, of course, one of the year’s biggest talking points, so why not use this opportunity to show that you’re with her?

You will need: A blonde wig and a power suit in a primary colour.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

Donald Trump

Or perhaps you could choose the scarier option? Why not team up with a mate to do a Donald and Hillary duet?

You will need: A blonde wig and a foundation three shades more orange than your natural skin tone.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

A Moschino paper doll

Designer Jeremy Scott turned Gigi Hadid into a paper doll on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week – why not try the look at home?

You will need: A girly pink dress plus cardboard ‘tabs’ to stick on your shoulders, waist, hips and hem. Extra points if you add accessories, too.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

A Coco-bot

Karl Lagerfeld, meanwhile, turned his Chanel models into robots. Thank you, designers, for all the chic Halloween inspo.

You will need: A Stormtrooper-esque mask and a tweed skirt suit.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad’s leading lady presents a perfect opportunity to have fun with face paint.

You will need: Lots of makeup, pigtails (one red, one blue), a bomber jacket and a baseball bat.

A Pokémon

It was the year that Pokémon Go became a thing once again, so it’s time to dust off that Pikachu suit.

You will need: A yellow onesie, red cheeks and pointy ears, assuming that your original (now vintage) costume no longer fits you.

Halloween costume ideas 2016


All you need is the right pink top to nail the sassy girl pose. And we’ve always admired that Flamenco lady’s red dress. Trouble is that you're obliged to stick to the pose all night…

You will need: Clothes to match whichever emoji you’re trying to replicate. Yellow face paint, optional.

Image via Emoji Stickers

Halloween costume ideas 2016

Prince George

Dressing as a giant royal toddler. What could be more hilarious? Prince George has had a cracking year, so why not honour our future king with a fancy dress tribute?

You will need: Depends what look you’re going for. We’d recommend recreating either the royal bloomers look, below, or the ‘straight-up G’ bathrobe and jammies ensemble that he sported when he met President Obama.

Halloween costume ideas 2016

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