What Are You Going To Wear Now That We Can Socialise Outside Again? Here Are Some Ideas

How to style out your trips to the pub.

woman in trench coat and jeans barbour by alexachung

by Laura Antonia Jordan |
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The glow up of the year goes to… June 21. Following Boris Johnson’s statement to the House of Commons about the phased easing of lockdown restrictions, it went from Just Another Day to The Day. The goal. Freedom! Not surprisingly, many of us are already planning our liberation looks and first nights out. Who cares that it’s a Monday?

Still, June does feel like a long time to wait. Luckily, as of Monday, the outdoor areas of cafes, pubs and restaurants are officially open.

Wouldn’t you agree this too is a wonderful opportunity to get dressed up? If this week isn't the perfect excuse to embrace your fresh-start wardrobe, we don't when is.

So let’s give it the fanfare it deserves, shall we? Let’s give it a sense of occasion via our wardrobes. Let’s peel off those tired trackpants and slip into something equally comfortable but far more fabulous. Let’s show the world (well, our postcodes) we’re back and we’re ready.

Joyful dressing is your directive now. Zippy colours and playful prints strike the right note of optimism. It’s impossible to know if we’ll see a ‘summer of love’ this year, but we can certainly tap into a carefree, bohemian spirit (well, as much as you can when masks will still bede rigueur) in crochet and patchwork. It’s time to reacquaint yourself with the art of waist-down dressing, so go for a dress that deserves in-person appreciation or dig out your jeans once again.

Optimism is essential, but do keep a little bit of realism in your back pocket (or bag! Remember them? You have an actual reason to use one again) – nobody wants to ruin their first proper social engagements of the year because they’re dressed inappropriately. Those stompy boots you wore everywhere during the winter will still have legs now and are an easy way to invest a pretty dress with suitable practicality. Consider knitwear your friend too (the Katie Holmes cardigan slipping off the shoulder trick is the perfect way to test drive the simmering appetite for all things sexy); ditto lightweight coats, Alexa Chung’s Barbour collection is a great place to start.

And what about those of us who have lost the ability to dress ourselves in the past year, throwing all our creativity instead behind interior design and tablescaping? Well, you’re in luck too; we predict picnicscaping will be the next big Insta-trend. Pass the rosé.


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