Why Summer Boots Are The Ultimate Shoe If You’re Not Quite Ready For Sandals

Just add a minidress.

Camille Charrière summer boots

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You might have actually worn sandals this weekend. Then again, you also might be tentatively holding on to closed toes for as long as possible (or at least until you can be bothered to slough, file and paint those feet to perfection or something thereabouts). If you're in the latter camp, we've got an alternative suggestion that is making the rounds on Instagram: summer boots, specifically a pair of knee-high summer boots.

Bella Hadid summer boots
Bella Hadid ©Getty

Bella Hadid wore a pair to her sister's birthday party, contrasting their knife-sharp toes and heels with a pinstriped waistcoat and pleated mini skirt. Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, is also a fan of this particular of summer boot, wearing hers with a grey tank dress and slimline shades. But if there's one style that's currently ruling supreme it's Balenciaga's Cagole, a boot with studs and zippers that has the swagger of a cowboy and the sex appeal of a knee-high. Camille Charrière took hers for a spin last week, posing on the roof of a car with her boots and their partner-in-crime, a minidress.

Kendall Jenner summer boots
Kendall Jenner ©Getty

That, after all, is why these boots work so well in the hotter summer months. If you wore them with straight-leg jeans or even under a swishing midi skirt, for example, you'd be liable to overheat. With a minidress or skirt, you can achieve the ideal reveal-conceal balance.

Camille Charrière summer boots
Camille Charrière ©@camillecharriere

What are you waiting for? Hot girl summer 2.0 is calling.

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