Add To Basket: Winter Coats You’ll Wear Into Spring

They really do exist

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‘It’s never too early to think of next season’ is perhaps the most useful shopping advice for this time of year. They call this the transitional period when the clothes in-store are signalling summer, but the weather outside is still very much winter. With icy streets, biblical rain and snow predicted, the most critical part of your weather armoury (umbrella and outerwear) is a hero piece that can take you from sleet to heat.

If you’re still lacking in the winter coat department, then seek out a silhouette that’s timeless and ticks spring summer 19’s trendboxes. For a jacket to carry you through to warmer weather, look for lighter weights but roomy cuts (so you can stuff a sweater underneath) and something that can be robed around your shoulders or worn open when it is finally sunny.

There is one thing we’re certain of in the UK, and that’s inclement weather will strike whatever the season. They call them April showers, but we’ve seen them in June, August and September. So, ideally, a ‘joat’ (our nickname of those items that are neither just coat nor jacket) should also be waterproof or at least able to survive a light shower when you left your broody at home. A hood is a plus. Find one with working pockets, and you’ve hit jackpot.

We’ve done the coat research, so you don’t have to...

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