In That James Corden Interview, Meghan Markle Chose A Necklace With A Secret Meaning

The jewellery worn by the Duchess of Sussex often has a hidden message.


by Shana Lynch |

While the world has largely forgotten Prince Harry's interview with James Corden thanks to a certain bombshell conversation with Oprah Winfrey, it has been revealed that for her appearance (via FaceTime) on The Late Late Show, Meghan chose a necklace with a very significant meaning.

The blue stone, which could be seen as Meghan spoke to James Corden, is actually lapis which, according to The Class, where the necklace is sold, 'aids in self expression and revelation of one's inner truth'. The pendant is just over £1,000 and, apparently, is 'especially helpful to anyone in need of a boost in self-confidence and a stronger connection to their inner voice'. Perhaps Meghan felt she needed such a boost ahead of the now-historic Oprah interview?

Meghan Markle on The Late Late Show with James Corden
Meghan on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Speaking of that interview, we were so focussed on Meghan's stunning Giorgio Armani dress that we almost missed another very significant message that Meghan was sending, ever-so-subtly. Meghan wore a beautiful diamond bracelet that belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Besides the obvious sentimental value of wearing the bracelet for this interview, which many are comparing to Princess Diana's infamous 1995 Panorama interview, People reports that this is the same diamond bracelet that was used to create Meghan's engagement ring.

This wouldn't be the first time Meghan, like her sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, chose to send a secret message by wearing jewellery that holds a lot of significance. (It wouldn't be the first time she used her wardrobe to pay tribute to Princess Diana, either). Take a look at the gallery below to find out what the deeper meaning is behind Meghan's jewellery.


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Suetables, Shirley Horoscope Necklace
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Interestingly, the most common zodiac sign amongst the royal family is the Queen's sign – Taurus, which she shares with her three youngest great-grandchildren, including baby Archie. Meghan wore this necklace bearing Archie's sign in tribute to her son. Here Meghan is wearing two necklaces, each nodding to Harry and Archie's star sign – virgo and taurus.You can buy the second necklace here.

Jennifer Meyer, 18-karat gold turquoise necklace
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Meghan chose to wear this dainty Jennifer Meyer necklace in her first appearance after giving birth. The necklace holds three, small turquoise stones. Maybe it's a happy coincidence, but turquoise is believed to be a 'master healer' and when worn on the chest, it delivers a healing energy throughout the body.

Mini Mini Jewels, Diamond Accented Dog Tag Initial Pendant Necklace
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This necklace Meghan wore to the US open paid another tribute to baby Archie and Harry. The gold chain looks simple at first, but on closer inspection the tags are engraved with a H for Harry and an A for Archie.

Edge Of Ember, Visionary Charm Necklace
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Recently, Meghan volunteered some time to speak with her patronage Smart Works, and in the clip can be seen wearing this evil eye pendant which, according to its maker, 'bears a blue topaz evil eye to protects its wearer from negative vibes.'At this time Meghan had just announced that she was stepping down from her royal duties.

Jennifer Meyer, Diamond Mini Uppercase Letter Necklace
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Another Jennifer Meyer necklace, this time dedicated solely to her newborn son at the time, Archie. The delicate and subtle A was a tribute to her baby boy.

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