The Royal Family’s Star Signs – And What They Say About Them

HRH is a Taurus, and so are her three youngest great-grandchildren.

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by Lillian Sesiguzel |

Have you ever wondered what the star signs of the royal family are, and whether knowing would give you more insight into their complex relationships? If you haven't we suggest you stop reading here. But if you're the curious/nosey type then this might be the royal fix you need, as we identify each members' zodiac traits.

Fun fact: One of the most common star signs in the royal family is Taurus. The Queen shares her sign with her three youngest great-grandchildren, fellow Taureans: Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Master Archie. Cancer is also a significant sign in the family and for Charles, as it's the star sign of both Diana and Camilla.

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Star Signs: The Royal Family Edition

TAURUS – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
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Traits: strong, graceful, stubborn. It's fitting that HRH is a bull at heart – never giving up on her country and her people, always (gracefully) fighting for what's best. Take her speeches for instance, they're carefully thought-out and delivered with a stubborn yet triumphant demeanour, as if to say I'm calm, I'm present and I'm passionate. Like a true Taurus.

LEO – Princess Margaret
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Traits: extroverted, vulnerable, regal.Leo's are known to be the centre of attention, as Margaret was back in her day. They're always the life of the party, but would rather do without the responsibility of hosting it. If you hurt their ego, especially where vanity is concerned, it's no lie they'll be deeply wounded.

GEMINI – Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
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Traits: Unpredictable, friendly, curious.If you've watched The Crown, you'll be familiar with the episode where Prince Philip, very randomly, becomes obsessed with the 1969 moon landing. Geminis are known to be pretty unpredictable like this, they're curious beings, known for their duality.

SCORPIO – Prince Charles
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Traits: truthful, determined, loyal.Determined to be King? Being the loyal Scorpion he is, Charles has dedicated his life to his family and continues to do so, as Grandpa Charles.

LEO – Princess Anne
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Traits: extroverted, vulnerable, regal.Much like her Aunt Margaret, Princess Anne also played the role of the mischievous but fun middle child. Her fiery nature is evident, remember when she shrugged off the Queen's instruction to shake Donald Trump's hand? This Leo's got a mind of her own.

CANCER – Diana, Princess of Wales
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Traits: caring, fun, melancholic.When asked, William and Harry often describe their mother as being full of fun and laughter – your typical Cancerian. Like the Leo they are the life of the party, getting up to all things, but in day to day life they have a relatively quiet and gentle personality.

CANCER – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
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Traits: caring, fun, melancholic.It's not really known if Camilla is much fun, but like Diana, she too is a sensitive soul, using her crab shell to protect herself. She also loves a spot of gardening, telling reporters, 'I'd be out in my garden all day, every day if I were allowed. I love to get my hands dirty.' Figures, as a lot of Cancers have green thumbs.

GEMINI – Prince William
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Traits: Unpredictable, friendly, curious.Like his Grandad, William also has a curious nature which is channeled into his role as the Duke of Cambridge. He's often known for asking out of the box questions while conversing with the public, but always in a friendly manner.

CAPRICORN – Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
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Traits: ambitious, realistic, disciplined.Capricorns are not the care-free party type, that's for sure. They are very ambitious, determined to climb every mountain, just like the strong goat there are. However, they're realistic about the struggles they might face along the way, but disciplined enough to carry on. Qualities that have made it easy for Kate to slip seamlessly into royal duties.

CANCER – Prince George
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Traits: caring, fun, melancholic.Would a Cancer make a good future King? Absolutely. They care far beyond the realms of your average Joe, but sometimes their sensitivities may get in the way. So, it's important they don't let their emotions affect their judgement.

TAURUS – Princess Charlotte
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Traits: strong, graceful, stubborn. If she's anything like her great-grandma, she's going to be a tough cookie. We can already see glimpses of her head-strong personality when she tags along with mum... Remember the 2019 King's Cup regatta, where she poked her tongue out?

TAURUS – Prince Louis
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Traits: strong, graceful, stubborn. Another Taurus! They just keep coming.

VIRGO – Prince Harry
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Traits: creative, hard-working, stubborn.One of Harry's passion projects, that he continues to work hard on, is The Invictus Games Foundation. Virgos are very passionate beings, whether that's in life and work or in love. Figures, look at what Harry has sacrificed to support and stand by Meghan.

LEO – Meghan Markle
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Traits: extroverted, vulnerable, regal.Ah, Meghan. So misunderstood, but the world will never know. Yes, the Leo is strong and confident, but they can also be incredibly vulnerable, especially when they receive criticism. And it's fair to say, Meghan has had a lot of it, an unfair amount.

TAURUS – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
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Traits: strong, graceful, stubborn. The newest addition to the royal family, and Taurean clan. That's four in total now.

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