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23 Bras Uplifting Our Lingerie Drawer Purely With Their Prettiness

Female-friendly lingerie brands that sell on ethics, inclusivity and comfort

It's a well-known fact that as soon as we open our front door and plonk our keys on the side-board we whip off our bra. Likely untangling ourselves from its confines as we make our way to bedroom.

Imagine a world where your bra is comfortable enough to keep on long after politely necessary. Imagine a bra that doesn’t pinch your back and leave strangled red marks across your shoulders at the end of the day. No digging-in but also - importantly - no constantly tugging up of a lolling strap that refuses to stay put. It exists!

Thousands, scrap that, millions tuned in this weekend to watch Victoria’s Secret’s annual parade of near-naked glamazons stride through a celebrity-filled arena. Though the tides have turned and this school of hike-up lingerie and rock solid abs no longer has the resonance it once did (not helped by the company’s recent controversial anti-trans and sizeist comments), the American brand is still a bastion of the bra industry. It can be hard to push past its exclusive push-up message, but there are some brands managing to. They sell on ethics and inclusivity and on comfort.

We’ve found 23 (!) bra brands that don’t give gyp and don’t publicize a dodgy message about LGBTQ rights. Scroll through the best bras around to give your intimates drawer an uplift.