M&S Has Launched A Virtual Bra Fitting Service – And It Really Does Work

Find out your actual size from the comfort of your own home.


by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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One of the most common questions I've been asked over the past year is 'how can I buy a bra online that actually fits?' Friends, family members, Grazia readers, colleagues – it seems we've all been struggling to buy bras while the shops have been shut. This is largely due to the fact that, according to Google, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so being unable to actually go into store to try styles on, or indeed to have a fitting, has rendered us a bit helpless. Even though non-essential shops are now open in England and Wales, they remain closed in Scotland and Northern Ireland. And even if they are open near you, many feel uncomfortable with the thought of an in-person bra fitting, while some simply don't have the time. Good news, then, that M&S has launched a virtual service, allowing us all to discover our bra size without having to leave the house.

m&s virtual bra fittings

So, what is a virtual bra fitting? And how does it work? Well, you can book a video appointment online for any time that suits you and you will then be able to speak to one of M&S' expert fitters via Microsoft Teams. My fitter was Miryn, based in Glasgow – incredibly friendly, knew her stuff and made me feel completely at ease. I must confess, I was a little apprehensive at the thought of showing a complete stranger my bra over the internet (it felt a bit OnlyFans at first, and not necessarily in a good way) but you can also opt to wear a fitted top if you feel more comfortable.

Before your appointment, M&S will send you a short questionnaire, asking you what you're looking for, your current size, preferences of bra styles and whether or not you're happy to remove your top during the fitting. This just means that, by the time you have your video call with a fitter, they already know enough to make you feel comfortable and are able to give the best advice tailored to you.

So, back to Miryn – she talked me through the actual measuring process, so you will need to have a tape measure to hand. She told me to measure under my bust and showed me exactly how to do this properly. Once we'd determined the size of the underband, she suggested a cup size just by looking at me front and side-on and then proceeded to show me various bras that might be a good fit for me. The only frustrating aspect of this service is obviously that you can't try anything on there and then but M&S does offer a follow-up appointment, so if you order some bras after your initial fitting, you can then check in with your expert and make sure they fit as they should.

I was curious to know Miryn's success rate. I'd always been taught to assess cup size by measuring over the bust but she told me this was less effective. She said that she had held many appointments already, despite this being a relatively new service, and that every customer had ended up with the correct size. According to Miryn, the virtual fittings had been particularly popular with younger girls looking for their first bras, who were able to be at home and feel more comfortable.

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Immediately after my appointment, Miryn sent an email including my size and links to suitable products based on our conversation. It genuinely couldn't have been more seamless and I've made a follow-up appointment for when my new bras arrive.

Of course, for some, nothing will ever beat an in-store experience and M&S is re-opening its bra fitting service in shops soon. But for others, whether they're time-poor, anxious about going back to shops at the moment or for anyone who feels a bit embarrassed or uncomfortable at the thought of having a bra fitting, this new virtual service really is a game-changer. While I would happily arrange an in-store bra fitting, it's something I never seem to actually do. This online service made me feel like I was making time for myself in a way, as ridiculous as that may sound.

Underwear is really important. It's the clothing you wear closest to your skin, it's the foundation of every outfit and it really can make you feel rubbish if you're wearing the wrong size. The wrong bra size can also have health implications, so I would urge anyone to book a fitting as soon as possible. The best thing about M&S' virtual service? You can have a glass of wine while you're doing it.


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