The Women Of Friends Just Made A Strong Case For Neutral Colours And Now It’s All We Want To Wear

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were a symphony of beige, black and cream on Instagram.

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Friends has provided many fashion lessons over the years. 1. Don’t sport skintight leather trousers on a first date. 2. Always watch for flying hummus when wearing black tie. And 3. Never wear a negligee to meet your boyfriend’s parents. Now the girls have another for us. If in doubt, always wear neutrals.

In a post urging people to register to vote - ‘Friends don’t let friends skip elections,’ she quipped - Lisa Kudrow appeared beside Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. They were wearing, what can only be described as, a symphony of neutrals. Courtney in a fitted white tee and fudge-coloured blazer, Lisa in a black button-down shirt and Jennifer in a biscuit-coloured polo neck. Was it a coordinated effort? Probably not, but it still reminded us why we’ll never stop loving neutrals.

Sure, bold shades like scarlet, emerald, sunflower and turquoise will always have a greater thrill-factor, but there’s something so comforting (not to mention chic) about garments like a crisp white shirt, a cream cashmere jumper and a perfectly-proportioned pair of navy trousers. And besides, isn’t it so much easier when everything you pull out of your wardrobe matches?

Instagram certainly seems to think so, with influencers shunning ‘look-at-me’-style outfit posts for feeds featuring an easy-on-the-eyes colour spectrum that runs from white to cream to beige to navy to black. (@basicstouch, @alexisforeman and @tylynnnguyen are three favourites).

The best one-stop-shops for long-lasting neutrals include & Daughter (knitwear), Palmer/Harding (shirting), Joseph (accessories) and Arket (blazers). The only thing you need to add? Some gold jewellery - and a couple of similarly attired friends.


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