You Can Now Buy Emily’s Sports Jacket From Emily In Paris For Just £5.50

And here are the other pieces you can shop, too.

Emily's camera phone case

by Julia Harvey |

It's the show that some loved (and others loved to hate). But ever since we knew that it was coming back for a second season, we couldn't wait to see the outfits in Emily in Paris. Because, arguably more anticipated than the storyline, as complex as it may be, it was the clothes (often cartoonish, always exciting) that kept us coming back. The new series dropped at the end of last month - providing much beret-fuelled fun and games over Christmas - and if you watched it over the course of one weekend, you'll know that the looks didn't disappoint.

For Emily's sophomore outing, the costume designers, Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field, devised some très fun outfits that defy the notion that everyone in Paris - the chic capital of the world - wears top-to-toe black at all times. And like And Just Like That, Instagram accounts are following their every move, cataloging what the show's stars have been spotted wearing so that fans can wear as they watch (@emilyinparisoutfits is very thorough). Miniskirts, searingly bright colours and heady print clashes are all present and correct, as well as some serious arm candy from the likes of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Louboutin.

Lily Collins filming Emily in Paris
©Emily in Paris

In amongst the kaleidoscope of designer clothing and mind boggling couture, one of the looks that seems to have particularly caught people's attention is Emily's low key running outfit. And just in time for our annual attempt at keeping a fitness resolution, Emily's choice of bold and bright running gear comes from none other than Pretty Little Thing, and the best part? You can buy her exact running jacket currently in the sale for just £5.50.


And of course, who could forget Emily's travel outfit as she journeys to the South of France, complete with headscarf and obnoxiously oversized sunglasses. The Valentino Garavani frames in question are exceptionally chic and will last a lifetime. What's even better is that, like many of the pieces used in the second season, they're still available to buy.

Emily In Paris Amazon Phone Case
©Emily In Paris

This series also sees the return of an updated version of that camera phone case, the very same that sent the internet into a frenzy the first time around. At just £9, it's the easiest way to copy Emily. Now all you have to do is perfect your selfie smile.

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SHOP: Everything You Can Buy From The Second Season Of Emily In Paris

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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Camille's straw basket bag is the perfecting finished touch to her power-shouldered blazer from Balmain. It's from Patou - and is available in pink, vanilla and silver as well as black.

Patou, Wicker Bucket Bag, £395
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Emily's vinyl jacket in vinyl is from Courrèges. The exact shade isn't available but the brand has plenty of equally tantalising shades to choose from.

Courru00e8ges, Re-Edition Vinyl Jacket, £628
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

She doesn't just wear their shoes - Emily also shops the arm candy from Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin, Caracaba Mini, £1,350
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Emily's camera phone case looks set to be just as popular in season two.

Wcysin, Emily In Paris 3D Camera Case, £9
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Emily's enviable handbag collection also includes this sunshine-bright shoulder bag from Prada.

Prada, Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag, £1,850
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Julien's fabulous take on tailoring is from Rianna + Nina.

Rianna + Nina, Petalouda Blouse Fiona, £1,162
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Eric Bompard's short-sleeved sweater is a match made in heaven with Emily.

Eric Bompard, Short-Sleeved Monkey Intarsia Crew-Neck Pullover, £225
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Mindy is another character with excellent taste in arm candy, like this quilted shoulder bag from Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana, Sacred Heart Quilted Shoulder Bag, £1,750
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CREDIT: Emily in Paris

Sunglasses maketh the outfit (especially if they're from Valentino).

Valentino Garavani, Butterfly Acetate Frame With Roman Stud, £270
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Pick up a bright running jacket a la Emily from Pretty Little Thing.

Pretty Little Thing, Pink Nylon Oversized Sports Jacket, £5.50
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Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us