Carrie Johnson’s Latest Outfit Of Gucci Coat And Chanel Shoes Cost Her £41

She's a big fan of borrowing over buying.

Carrie Johnson wearing a rented dress in Rome

by Natalie Hammond |

Kate Middleton might be the queen of recycling (outfits, that is), but another woman has claimed the top spot when it comes to renting. Carrie Johnson is the unofficial face of borrowing not buying because, whether she's meeting world leaders or getting married to the Prime Minister, she does it wearing something that's been rented.

Carrie Johnson in Rome
Carrie Johnson arriving in Rome ©Getty

At this weekend's G20 Summit, Johnson showed off her renting prowess, stepping off the plane wearing two borrowed items - a double-breasted coat from Gucci, and a pair of tweed ankle boots from Chanel. Both were sourced from her favourite platform My Wardrobe HQ - and, clearly, her sustainable fashion habits are not going unnoticed at Downing Street. In fact, they might be catching on. For their trip to Rome, Boris Johnson also did some surfing on the rental platform, emerging with a single-breasted grey suit (from Oliver Brown) that he wore on a visit to the Trevi Fountain. (No doubt we can expect to see more mindful fashion choices at Cop26.)

Carrie Johnson on her wedding day
Carrie Johnson wearing a rented wedding dress from Costarellos ©Getty

While Carrie Johnson has probably been renting for some time, the first sign it was going to a key part of her 'first lady' agenda was on the couple's wedding day. Johnson made a very clever move - one that was planet-friendly and purse-friendly - by choosing to rent her dress from Christian Costarellos, a long-sleeved bohemian style that you can borrow from £45 on My Wardrobe HQ (and which, at full price, would have cost £2,870). The knock-on effect was almost immediate. In June, HURR, another rental platform used by Johnson, reported that it had noticed a 268% surge in bridal rentals, cementing an already-growing trend among brides for making their 'something borrowed' the star of the show as opposed to an afterthought.

Carrie Johnson at the G7 Summit
Carrie Johnson at the G7 Summit ©Getty

Since then, at every major event, Johnson had relied on renting to see her through a hectic calendar of events in sustainable style. At this summer's G7 Summit, she borrowed dresses from The Vampire's Wife, Roksanda (twinning with Kate Middleton) and Alice Early, as well as a royal blue trouser suit from Amanda Wakeley. Keep scrolling to see where she's rented every outfit from.


RENT: Carrie Johnson's Wardrobe

Carrie Johnson
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For Rome's G20 Summit over the weekend, Carrie Johnson arrived wearing two rented items - a classic navy coat (Gucci) and tweed lace-up boots (Chanel).

Gucci, Satin-Trimmed Long Wool Coat, From £21
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Chanel, Tweed Ankle Boots, From £20
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Carrie Johnson
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Johnson also rewore this scarlet blazer - a high street hit from Zara - with a rented dress from De La Vali.

De La Vali, Clara Spanish Rose Midi Dress, From £53
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Carrie Johnson
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Amanda Wakeley's cobalt blue trouser suit, also rented from My Wardrobe HQ, was a striking choice for the G7 Summit.

Amanda Wakeley, Sculpted Slim Fitting Jacket, From £12
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Amanda Wakeley, Sculpted Bootcut Trousers, From £80
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Carrie Johnson
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In June, Johnson wore this dress - a puff-sleeved number from fashion editor favourite The Vampire's Wife - from HURR.

The Vampire's Wife, The Festival Dress, From £72
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Carrie Johnson
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For a beach meet-and-great with world leaders in Carbis Bay, Johnson choose this hot pink dress from Roksanda, another item she sourced from HURR.

Roksanda, Zandra Midi Dress, From £107
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Carrie Johnson
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Johnson surprised fashion pundits when she chose a rented wedding dress for the big day, a bohemian design from Costarellos (for £45 via My Wardrobe HQ) that would have cost £2,870 at full price.

Costarellos, Appliquu00e9d Embroidered Tulle Gown, From £45
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