The Best Hoop Earrings That Kate Middleton Relies On

Zendaya's also a fan.

Kate Middleton wearing hoop earrings

by Natalie Hammond |

Kate Middleton might have access to the Crown Jewels, but for every day, her go-to earrings aren't pearls, diamonds or emeralds but something altogether more attainable - a pair of hoops. For a quick visit to the V&A, Middleton wore a plaited gold pair. And she has several other favourites - from Monica Vinader, ASOS and Daniella Draper - all of which she wears on rotation when she's performing public duties.

Over the years, the Duchess has become an influencer in her own right. Many jewellery and clothing brands rose in popularity due to the power of the so-called 'Kate effect'. But although the Duchess often dazzles, she also knows her way around everyday high street jewellery.

Kate Middleton wearing hoop earrings
Kate Middleton ©Getty

The hoop is the most wearable of all the earrings shapes - more noticeable than a stud, less grand than a chandelier - and, if you invest in a classic pair that's just the right size, will be the gift that keeps on giving when you can't be bothered to change your jewellery every day. It owes its history, according to The New York Times, to Nubia, an ancient civilisation in what is now Sudan.

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Zendaya wearing hoop earrings
Zendaya ©Getty

When, Zendaya attended the Ballon D'Or ceremony she wore pair that almost grazed her shoulders from Jennifer Fisher. Rihanna is also a big fan of hoops, and she chose a special silver pair to be honoured as a national hero of Barbados, ahead of the country's transition to a republic.

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Rihanna wearing hoop earrings
Rihanna ©Getty

To really set off your look wear something equally as head-turning as Rihanna's, which were likely by Bottega Veneta, such as Jennifer Fisher's Baby Jennifer style hoops that will deliver an immediate impact. Laura Lombardi's, meanwhile, are hung with gold-plated hearts (much chicer and less corny than they sound). If like Kate Middleton, you want something you can wear every day, Orelia's Chain Huggie Hoops are a safe choice (and - bonus! - she actually owns them). And Image Gang is another one to add to your list if you have several piercings and want to get a coterie of cool hoops.

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Hoop earrings that will fit perfectly in your jewellery box

Missoma, Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Hoop Earrings, £110
1 of 11

Monica Vinader, Riva Wave Hoop Earrings, £195
2 of 11

Orelia, Chain Huggie Hoop Earrings, £18
3 of 11

Otriumberg, Twisted Mini Graduated Hoops Yellow Gold Vermeil, £180
4 of 11

Alighieri, The Surreal Hoop Earrings, £195
5 of 11

Completedworks, Suburbs Gold Vermeil And White Topaz Earrings, £215
6 of 11

Jennifer Fisher, 1.5" Baby Jennifer Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings, £420
7 of 11

Laura Lombardi, Tesoro Earrings, £145
8 of 11

Accessorize, Gold-Plated Heirloom Chunky Twist Hoops, £15
9 of 11

Aeyde, Alaya Mini, £195
10 of 11

Image Gang, Gracie Hoops, £22
11 of 11

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