The Best Halloween Outfits If You’re After Something Spooky And Cute

Here's how look frighteningly fabulous this Halloween.

Nicki Minaj Halloween outfits

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Halloween is the perfect time to let your creative juices flow! Whether you're planning to attend a spooky Halloween bash or are just planning on getting dressed up with some friends, there are plenty of outfit ideas to choose from whatever your plans are. So, if you fancy channelling your favourite celebrity moment via your costume or want to go for something a little more scary, here are are some Halloween costume ideas to try now...

Movie Character Halloween Outfit

If you're looking for a costume that the whole family can enjoy, dressing up as a movie character is always a nice choice. The options are endless - and, remember your costume doesn't always have to look scary.

Barbie Halloween Costume

According to Boohoo, Barbie is expected to be the most popular Halloween costume this year, especially as the phrase ‘Barbie costume’ receiving a average of 18,000 monthly Google searches.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 12: Margot Robbie attends the "Barbie" European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 12, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)


Zara's Barbie collection is a good shout for any Barbie looks, there's bags and even cuter

Nicki Minaj Cinderella Halloween Outfit

Miss Minaj went for a Cinderella look last year! Disney princess' are always a good choice. Why not channel your inner child?



This dress from Oh Polly says modern cinderella. It has been embellished with intricate beading


Cinderella's colour was blue after all. Once spooky season is over this dress can definitely be


Think of this as your final touch to your Cinderella look - after all she loved a black choker.

The Little Mermaid

We are likely to see Ariel has another popular pick, following the recent release of The Little Mermaid live-action adaptation. As a result, the search term ‘Ariel costume’ is now averaging 8,000 monthly searches globally according to Boohoo style experts. To capture Ariel’s iconic style, combine a purple seashell bikini top with a green mermaid tail skirt, accessorise with seashell jewellery, and include her trusty sidekick, Flounder.

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)


Ariels go to bikini was purple this is a pretty close pairing.


A long green maxi sprinkled with glitter is a creative way to achieve Ariel's mermaid tail.


If a seashell necklace has been on your wish list for a while this is your excuse to buy it. This

Queen Charlotte From Bridgerton

Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte is another set to be one of the most coveted costumes - thanks to Netflix. Bridgerton as you probably know is synonymous with ballgowns and intricate hairstyles, fans now have the ideal opportunity this Halloween to transform into any of the characters!

(Photo by Katherine Cheng/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


Pastel hues is very much Bridgerton, think lilacs, creams and periwinkles. Team this dress with

Scary Halloween Costume

Why not go down the traditional route? Nothing screams Halloween more than fake blood, fangs, broomsticks and a store-bought costume! This works well as duo too! Just look below!

Jayda Cheaves And Dess Dior The Shining Twins

Want to give spooky and cute? You can recreate Dess and Jayda's take on 'The Shining Twins' with a blue mini skater dress, white high knee socks and a platform boot. You could also add your own twist by playing around with different props.



Dolls Kill is a great place to stock up your Halloween gear, they have a lot of interesting pieces.


M&S say this shoe will take your style to new heights and we thoroughly agree. Consider this

Kylie Jenner Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween Outfit

Kylie goes big for Halloween, photoshoots and all. Last year she opted for a custom Jean Paul Gaultier gown and satin skirt. As for the hair a wig and hairspray is your best bet. To achieve the full look scroll down.



You could probably have fun 'DIY-ing' Kylie's top, but if you're not up for the task shop below.


Sultry, sleek and satin.


Despite its early 2023 release, horror doll M3GAN is another one of this year’s most popular costumes for those choosing a scarier costume choice. Capture the essence of M3GAN doll by layering a beige dress over a striped long-sleeve top, complemented by white tights, ballet flats, and M3GAN’s distinctive blue and red striped kerchief or scarf.

Fan dressed as M3GAN (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


M3GAN would love this Abercrombie & Fitch mini vest dress.

H&M, Ribbed Long Sleeve Top
Price: £9.99


A striped top under your chosen dress is a must for your M3GAN Halloween costume.


Mary Janes and white tights are M3GAN'S preferred shoe choice. This a nice choice to have on

Wednesday Adams

Yes, Wednesday came out in 2022, but you better believe you can still take on this costume this October. To steal Wednesday's style you need two braids, a black dress and a hand...

Wednesday and Lurch characters attend Netflix's "Wednesday" ATAS Official Event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on April 29, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Netflix)


A dress with a shirt poking out is typical Wednesday Adams.


Wednesday Adams is Gothic realness, add some chunky boots and black tights amp your costume up.

Iconic Halloween Outfits

One simple and quick option is dressing up as your much-loved hero. And another plus is you most probably have all the items at home, too!

90s Halloween Costume

North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm pulled this off fantastically, dressing up as legends Aaliyah, Snoop, Sade and Eazy E.



We picked this denim jumpsuit as a good option if you'd like to recreate Chicago's Sade costume.


Forget Halloween for a second, everyone needs a pair of trusty cowboy boots in there arsenal. Its


You most likely have a flannel somewhere in your closet, if not here is an affordable one from Next.


We picked out this pair because its stylish an nicely oversized. These will go the distance well


This is the perfect bandeau if your dressing up as Aaliyah. Tommy Hilfiger will never go out of

TLC Halloween Outfit

Ciara is known for going all out for spooky season. This is her as all the members from 90s girl group TLC.



This top is so TLC. Zara have a lot of leather offerings if this is the costume your heart is set


You'll need a pair of trusty cargoes to complete Ciara's TLC look. We love this oversized

Meme Halloween Costume

Another popular choice is to dress up as a popular meme or internet sensation. TikTok memes and catchphrases have both been popular costume choices in recent years (Another way to make sure your outfit is suitably topical is to choose from one of these aesthetic outfits.)

Salt Bae Halloween Outfit

If you're feeling salty, dress up as Salt Bae!



A plain white tees is staple that you most likely have your wardrobe already, if not you need COS.


You can never have too much denim in your wardrobe and Uniqlo do not compromise on quality.


This a vital part of your Salt Bae look, its mandatory these stay on all night.

Kendall Jenner Cucumber Halloween Costume

Kendall Jenner dressed up as a cucumber last Halloween after fans mocked her kitchen skills in her viral TikTok.


Amazon Green SuitAmazon
Price: £24.99


This will form the basis of your cucumber look, don't forget to print out a cucumber and add some


Adding a bow to this Halloween costume will complete it. Theres no doubt everyone will know you're

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