UGG x Telfar Has Just Been Restocked, So Here’s Where To Shop It From £17

The third instalment of this much-hyped collaboration will not be in stock for very long.

UGG x Telfar 2021

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

We live in the age of the designer collaboration, which continues to be big business for so many major fashion houses. But not all collabs are made equally – a fact which Telfar continues to prove with its collections for UGGs. The third instalment has been available at Selfridges (online and in-store) for a couple of days now and, online at least, has already almost completely sold out. But don't fret – it has just been restocked and is also available on Telfar's website. It will also be available in full at from tomorrow (November 18).

UGG x Telfar
UGG x Telfar

The secret to the success of this collaboration has a lot to do with timing. Y2K trends are booming, largely thanks to TikTok and Instagram, and UGG boots have been enjoying something of a renaissance for a while now. Celebrities have been wearing them once more and they've started to look as desirable as they did back in the early noughties.

Then there's Telfar Clemens. He's been in the business of fashion since 2005, although it's in recent years that he's really seen a whole new level of success. This is largely thanks to his Shopping Bag, his own spin on the 'It' bag that, while more affordable than most fashion house's handbags, is no less in demand. In fact, it's hailed as the 'Bushwick Birkin' and has been carried by everyone from Bella Hadid to Zoe Kravitz to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Good luck trying to find one that's still in stock.

Zoe Kravitz with a Telfar Shopping Bag
Zoe Kravitz with a Telfar Shopping Bag

It's no surprise, then, that Clemens has reimagined the Shopping Bag for his UGG collections, adding the famous shearling as a trim to some styles and, cleverly, giving them a slightly lower price tag than his mainline bags (the smallest UGG x Telfar bag is £110).

'I find UGG really sexy—a soft kind of rugged,' Telfar says. 'I have made unofficial, unauthorized UGG boots in two shows already dating back to 2010. So, I’ve always been obsessed with a certain kind of ubiquity and when something really unique ends up on everybody. What I want to do is get down to the DNA of UGG and see what genes we have in common. To get down to the core of that feeling.'

The boots, too, are stamped with Telfar's logo and are under £200, while there's even underwear from £17, shearling robes, bucket hats and hoodies. As ever, these pieces won't be around for very long – Selfridges only just restocked online and already certain sizes are flying off the virtual shelves.


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UGG x Telfar, Logo Print Briefs, £17
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UGG x Telfar, Fleece Bucket Hat, £80
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UGG x Telfar, Logo T-Shirt, £65
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UGG x Telfar, Logo Hoodie, £115
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Logo Small Fleece Tote Bag, £110
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UGG x Telfar, Chestnut Ankle Boots, £190
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UGG x Telfar, Sheepskin Tote Bag, £270
7 of 15

UGG x Telfar, Logo Embroidered Robe, £158
8 of 15

UGG x Telfar, Jogging Bottoms, £133
9 of 15

UGG x Telfar, Black Ankle Boots, £190
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UGG x Telfar, Suede and Shearling Tote Bag, £210
11 of 15

UGG x Telfar, Blue Ankle Boots, £190
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UGG x Telfar, Sleeveless Hoodie, £125
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UGG x Telfar, Logo Ankle Boots, £190
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UGG x Telfar, Pink Cotton Briefs, £17
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