9 Transitional Jackets To Buy Now

Because it's too warm for a coat, and too cold for a cardi.


by Lillian Sesiguzel |

It's a tricky time of year, weather-wise, which makes everyday outwear a little problematic. With the mild winter we've having, it's difficult to know if it's coat or cardi weather. Every morning you try to make an educated guess before setting foot out the door, but it seems checking your weather app and looking aimlessly at the sky aren't working.

On one hand, your coat will reduce you to a puddle of sweat, and by the time you get to work you're frantically delayering in the lift. On the other hand, you're fed up of getting to your desk dripping, so you ditch the coats altogether and brave a jumper or cardi. But, what do you know? Home-time comes and you're freezing, making a mental note to find the hot water bottle. There's just no winning!

Before you get all fired/frozen up about the temperature fluctuations, you'll be pleased to know there's a simple solution to your problems: a transitional jacket, and now would be the perfect time to buy one.

The key with a transitional jacket is you have to think, lightweight. The reason you're getting too hot in a coat is because fabrics like wool and insulated nylon are not your friend in lukewarm temperatures. From trucker jackets to bomber jackets, find our picks of the transitional jacket you need to know...

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