What Is The Dress Code For State Funerals?

And will the family wear black for the entire period of mourning?

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The Queen's funeral was held today at Westminster Abbey, but was there a special dress code? According to Debrett's - 'a record-keeper and chronicler of British society, a publisher, and an authority on modern manners' - a strict dress code is observed at state funerals. 'An all-black formal dress code is always respected. Ladies wear black knee-length dresses, or coats, black hats, and may also wear face-covering veils.' The same goes for gentleman who, 'wear military attire, or - as was the case at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh - black morning coats with medals.'

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The period of mourning will last until seven days after the funeral.

Is There A Mourning Dress Code?

In Victorian times, according to CNN, a bereaved woman wore mourning dress for a year and a day after the death of their husband (Queen Victoria, obviously, wore her so-called 'widow's weeds' until her death in 1901).

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Although there don't appear to be any official guidelines, it's probably safe to assume that members of the royal family will wear black in public until the period of mourning has passed. When Queen Elizabeth II's mother passed away in 2002, on April 2, for example, she was pictured wearing black until at least April 19.

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