Underboobs Are Back And Getting An Eveningwear Spin On This Year’s Love Island

But what does this mean?

Love Island girls

by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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Newsflash: underboob is back on Love Island! On last night’s bombshell episode - where contestants, post-Casa Amor, decided whether to ‘stick’ or ‘recouple’ - the girls returned to the both iconic and infamous villa signature. But instead of bikinis, they gave their eveningwear a spicy spin with some strategically-deployed underboob. (The takeaway? You don’t need to wait until your summer holiday to show some underboob.)

Lynda,Lydia,Layla,Sammy and Cynthia. ©ITV

The Casa Amorgirls led the way, which perhaps makes sense considering that their mandate is to ‘hot things up’. Layla wore a strappy black bra top with a slinky maxi skirt, revealing a slice of underboob. Lydia, meanwhile, wore a cut-out dress, which had the same modest hemline as Layla’s, that also nodded to the tantalising trend.

Maya Jama ©ITV

Maya Jama’sjaw-dropping dress, a reveal-and-conceal masterpiece from LaQuan Smith, also showed some under(or perhaps that should be side?)boob.

And guess what? Side boob isn't anything new for the Love Island lot. 2021 contestant, Faye Winters, was all for a bit of underboob action.

Faye Winter - Love Island 2021 ©ITV

Faye wore a halter neck blue bikini, which, just so happened to show A LOT of under and side boob. And the 2021 Love Island contestant didn't stop there. She also wore underboob swimsuits – yep, these are one of the many things the ITV show has taught us exist.

Many people on Twitter, have reacted to this new phenomenon over the years: when, exactly, did underboob become the new cleavage? Well, like most divisive trends of the last five years, this might start and end with the Kardashians. Kylie, in particular, is a fan of the underboob bikini but Kendalland Kourtney have also showcased their own styles on Instagram.

Divisive it certainly is, particularly because, as several of my esteemed colleagues pointed out, this trend is completely impossible for the owners of boobs above, say, a C cup. But that hasn't stopped underboob infiltrating the mainstream. Many celebrities, including Addison Rae have embraced the look (wearing just a strip of black fabric across her chest) evoking past memories ofthat'outfit' worn by Jodie Marsh in 2004.

Addison Rae MTV Awards
Addison Rae at the MTV Awards ©Getty

Love Island clearly presents a very specific idea of sexy which might not be everyone's cup of tea. But there are myriad ways to tap into fashion's preoccupation with sex appeal. If anything, it all comes down to how you feel. So, if leggings and a T-shirt make you feel incredible, then don't let anyone's underboob tell you otherwise.

Besides, I hate to think what those Islanders' tan lines are going to look like by the end of the series.

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