The Biggest Casa Amor Twist Is Ron Staying Faithful

Lana and Ron

by Charlotte Roberts |
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When this year’s Casa Amor was announced, there were some things that Love Island fans were certain we’d see. Some cracking chats, some turning heads, a shake-up in the villa, Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins ending in heartbreak.

But we were all very wrong.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ron has put his bad boy behaviour to the side and so far stayed faithful to Lana – who he recoupled with only last week after his villa antics drove them apart.

Whilst some of our stronger couples are having their head turns (including islander fav Will Young, who seems to have forgotten all about his Aussie bombshell Jessie with the entrance of the Casa girls), fans have taken to social media to share their surprise at Ron’s change of heart.

One Love Island viewer wrote, ‘How is Ron better than Will right now?,’ whilst another added ‘Will and Casey being disloyal before Ron & Tom is something I never thought I’d see.’

Indeed, it seems the 'nice guys' of the villa have been the ones to dip their toes into the spirit of Casa.

Only days ago, viewers were slamming Ron for his treatment of Lana – in which he found his head turned by almost every bombshell to enter the South African villa. But after grovelling his way back into the bubbly blonde’s good books, it appears he’s here to stay.

One fan joked, ‘I don’t want a Ron redemption arc, do not make me like him,’ whilst another added

And some fans couldn’t help but point out that those men that called out Ron for his behaviour are the same ones making the most of Casa Amor.

One wrote, ‘I’m not defending Ron but the way he got so much shit from these loyal men barely a week ago.’ Another fan agreed in their replies, writing ‘Man didn’t even kiss anyone either. Just talked to other people and was a little immature in his lack of communication. Never did he pull a Tom, Will or Casey and lips someone else.’

But not everyone is convinced that Ron’s change in behaviour is entirely based on his unrequited love for Lana. In fact, some fans think the 25-year-old might not be turning his head purely because none of the Casa bombshells have yet made their move.

One fan questioned his intentions, writing ‘Is Ron actually staying loyal by choice or is it because none of these girls seem interested in him?’

And ex-Islander Dami Hope wrote, ‘The only reason Ron ain’t moving mad is cause he ain’t getting that much attention.’

Either way, there’s little doubt that this year’s Casa Amor recoupling is sure to be sending some big drama our way – and if it’s not at the hands of Ron, it’ll most certainly be at the hands of our other islanders. Better get the popcorn ready…

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