Kate Moss Just Wore The Most Brilliantly British Jubilee Look

Supermodel Kate Moss led the Jubilee Parade in a rare piece of fashion history.

Kate Moss Platinum Jubilee in Union Jack blazer

by Charlotte Pavitt |

From one queen to another (this time we're talking fashion royalty), her majesty Kate Moss was spotted in an appropriately patriotic outfit as she took to the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, alongside make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury (Charlotte Tilbury Beauty were the Official Beauty Partner of the Jubilee Pageant, in case you're wondering how everyone looks so glowy) and Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor, and of course supermodel pal Naomi Campbell - the ultimate Brit pack.

Kate Moss Jubilee - Charlotte Tilbury Phoebe Dynevor

Leading a host of stars through the streets of London, Moss and Campbell could be seen smiling and waving from the top of a double-decker bus celebrating the 1990s - part of a host of 'decade' buses, representing each 10-year period of the Queen's reign.

Turning heads, Moss paired her black satin maxi dress with a vintage Spring Summer 1993 John Galliano Union Jack blazer, coupled with red Vivienne Westwood SEX Court heels (a replica of the original archive heels designed in 1974). In fact, Miss Moss modelled the exact jacket in the 90s for Galliano - taking re-wearing hints from Kate Middleton perhaps?

Continuing the jubilee theme, she clipped back her signature blonde waves with white, blue and red flowers.

Kate Moss John Galliano

No stranger to vintage, before vintage took off, Kate Moss was already leading the way with her pre-loved finds – ranging from 1950s cocktail dresses to dazzling sequined numbers - here, we take a look back at her best style moments:


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Kate Moss Style Lessons
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OK, they're probably not Johnny's, but they are an excellent pair of boyfriend jeans nonetheless. Moss had tomboy-effortless-chic down to a tee.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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In more recent years, Moss has been seen in black, on black, on black. It's a colour she's always felt comfortable in, just look at her endless collection of LBDs.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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An upper arm bracelet sounds... questionable. On Moss? It's genius.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss is a huge fan of the ballet pump, short-shorts combo, so she'll be pleased to know they're back in fashion.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Arguably the woman responsible for making low slung belts A Thing, this combo is so good it's making us rethink our accessories.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss was one of the first celebrities to put Bella Freud's self-titled fashion label on the map. In particular, her famous knitted slogan jumpers.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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A timeless pairing for Moss? Biker boots and skinny jeans.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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There was a time when we associated bolero jackets with our grandmothers, but not since Moss started wearing them. Now they're a staple of any going-out outfit.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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She was wearing them long before the midi became popular again.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss isn't scared of a cutout number, and believe us, there are more daring dresses than this one.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Britney and Justin, take note: this is how you do double denim.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss loves a fancy dress party. Over the years she's dressed up as a cowgirl for Ronnie Wood's birthday party, paid homage to David Bowie, and hosted a few birthday fancy dress parties of her own.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss has been photographed countless times sporting a fedora, specifically in the Pete days. One can only presume it's her favourite style of hat, so it's ours too.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Proving that fishnet tights can be chic.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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While we will always associate Moss with skinny jeans, she also makes a strong case for flares.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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She basically invented 'festival dressing' and summers haven't been the same since.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Grey jeans are the new black, according to the gospel of Moss.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Hunter wellies have been around for over 150 years but when Moss wore them to Glastonbury festival in 2005, they suddenly became hot property.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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She even makes a humble T-shirt look excellent.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Move over party dress, hello party jumpsuit. Remember the star-print black and gold number she wore for her 34th birthday? Or maybe you recall the teal sequin jumpsuit she wore for her 30th birthday. Both equally as fabulous.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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It's a neutral.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Not since Audrey Hepburn has someone proved the power of a LBD.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss is fond of Mary-Janes and manages to make them look super modern.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Boyfriend or no boyfriend, get yourself down to your nearest charity shop and find an old leather jacket ASAP.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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The iconic MET Gala Saint Laurent turban, courtesy of Marc Jacobs.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Don't be fooled but the rock n roll, head-to-toe, all-black looks, Moss can be feminine when she wants to be.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss' life has endured some controversy, but none like how some people felt when she got a pixie cut... We're thinking she wasn't sold either, since she never went so short again.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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We're ditching our regular shirts.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Comfy and chic.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Need we say more?

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Who can forget this iconic sheer slip dress? It made her a household name, after all.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Never underestimate the power of a simple shift dress.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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The skinny scarf is a trademark Moss accessory. Not for the purpose of keeping you warm, but to jazz up any outfit.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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She recreated this dress for her Topshop collection and it was a sell-out hit.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Well, she is one of the most famous British supermodels of all time.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Famously, this was the vintage dress that got the McQueen treatment. Moss was finding it difficult to party with a train, so her close friend, designer Alexander McQueen, got out the scissors and made a mini dress for Moss.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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In excellent news for Moss, the waistcoat is back for SS20.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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A long standing member of the Rayban Wayfarer club.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss' wedding dress was designed by John Galliano. The supermodel wanted 'a classic Galliano, those chiffon Thirties kind,' she told British Vogue.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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This is another dress she reimagined for Topshop. That, too, was an instant sell-out.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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She was rocking a mini bag long before Instagram.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss knows to rock a suit, and often incorporates an open blouse, for a touch of sex appeal.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Sorry, but that's what you get for inviting a supermodel to your wedding – pure fabulousness.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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Moss made it acceptable to wear tight under your shorts, because they're not just for the summer.

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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When Moss was with her ex-husband Jamie Hince, her style starting rubbing off on him, as he's pictured here in a skinny scarf and grey jeans. Looks familiar...

Kate Moss Style Lessons
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When Moss isn't sporting a leather jacket or fur coat, she's wearing a blazer over virtually anything, even evening gowns.

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