Kate Moss To Revive This Iconic ‘90s Trainer

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by Emma Firth |

Kate Moss ruled the 1990s. Fact. Whether she was hanging out with Naomi Campbell at the coolest parties or rocking a metallic shift dress with minimal makeup, her influence on the fashion world is indisputable.

If Kate wore it, we wanted it. Her 14 collections for Topshop, inspired by her personal style and vintage wardrobe, sold out in hours.

No wonder Adidas turned to the style icon to front its new Original Gazelles campaign - using an archive photo of the supermodel in 1993 for its relaunch this summer.

‘Gazelles were THE trainer we all wore in the 90's. They have a timeless look that just doesn't date. I was and always have been an adidas girl,’ Kate says.

The iconic sportswear label have also called on Insta-collage artist Doug Abraham (aka bessnyc4 on Instagram) to create a modern version of the retro photograph...

kate moss adidas
Doug Abraham's re-worked image of Kate Moss's 1993 photo for Adidas. ©instagram

‘Like the Gazelle, Kate Moss is just as relevant in 2016 as she was back in the 1990s, which is why the image works so well,’ Adidas brand consultant and curator Gary Aspden told BoF. ‘Kate told me earlier this year that when it comes to trainers she has always been an ‘Adidas girl,’ so there was an affinity and an existing synergy there.’

Adding: ‘We’ve had great success with [re-issuing] the Stan Smith and the Superstar,’ said Nic Galway, vice president of global design at Adidas Originals, the company’s style-focused division. ‘The original Gazelles were very slim and European. The 1993 Gazelle was a little bit bulkier, a little bit heavier and it’s really iconic in the memory of that moment…’

‘We love the fact that every generation has taken the Gazelle and made it their own. Now we’re handing over the Gazelle to the next generation. It’s one of those classics of the past and very much in the culture.’ continued Galway.

Nostalgic fashion isn’t going away anytime soon – just take a look at the latest LCM runway.

And with grungy sportswear back in a big way, this will no doubt be on our shopping list.

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