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6 Elements Holly Willoughby Used To Reinvent Her Style

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Once you spot these, you’ll always notice them

For the longest time we thought Madonna was the Queen of personal reinvention, but then Holly Willoughby morphed from chirpy daytime presenter into a break-away fashion star. The ‘effect’ she has on high street stores (M&S, Warehouse and L.K. Bennett) has been well-documented, and even rivals that of Meghan and Kate’s till-ringing. Though she has 4.6 million Instagram followers and her very own hashtag (#HWStyle), her style evolution has been a gradual one.

It all changed when Willoughby teamed up with style-maker Angie Smith. She quietly and consciously upped her fashion credentials. There was no watershed moment but a slow reconfiguring of the staples she always wore and the introduction of new, more niche labels. Ashish and Alighieri entered her wardrobe’s vocabulary along with Zimmerman, Ganni and Rixo. It was the ‘mix’ that drew us back to the hashtag - we found ourselves asking was that that top Temperley or Topshop and was it still available to buy. We aren’t the only ones, Google reported that Willoughby set searches soaring for L.K. Bennett by 30 per cent on the day she wore one of their designs.

After months of tracking Willoughby’s outfits, it has occurred to us that there are six stylistic tricks she always falls back on. Here’s what we discovered...