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Cara Delevingne's New Ear Art Isn’t What You Think It Is

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Cara Delevingne may not have attended many shows in Fashion month, but where she has, she’s made quite the statement. In only her second appearance so far, she attended the Dior show looking fabulously chic in a navy suit, wool coat and pageboy hat, adding the brand’s hugely popular logo-band undergarment to complete the look.

However, one important detail you may have missed was the strange ear art she seemed to be sporting. Her antithetical folds appear to look as if they’re ribbed, in what many assumed was down to the new tattoo trend, scarification. After all, Cara is famous for her many many tattoos, which we have a complete guide on here.

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As it turns out, on further inspection it’s clear the ridges are just prosthetics, as her ear tattoos – which could be seen when she walked in the Burberry show last week- are also covered up. According to W, the ear art is part of her character costume for upcoming supernatural TV show Carnival Role. Cara plays a fairy, and so having ribbed ears would seemingly fit that character description.

It could simply be that Cara wanted to make another daring fashion statement, after all she did turn up to the Met Gala last year with her bald head painted silver and bedazzled, and in 2016 had her body painted in trees and flowers for the event. So, it wouldn’t be beyond Cara’s realm of rebellious fashion statements to have this ear art done just for fun. It seems we will have a while to wait to be certain, since Carnival Role isn’t expected to be released until autumn 2019.

Until then, check out our gallery of all of Cara’s tattoos...