Clueless Outfits: The Best Fashion Moments From Our Favourite Film From The ’90s

‘Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?’

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

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26 years ago, Clueless landed in cinemas. It may feel like only yesterday, given how often the film is referenced, particularly in relation to the fashion. Because Cher Horowitz, she of the yellow plaid skirt suits, the knee-high stockings, the virtual wardrobe and the best one-liners in the business, is the definition of '90s wardrobe goals for a whole generation.

There are many, many reasons why the film is one of the most-viewed – and most quotable - on Netflix. The #squadgoals. Any scene with the couple of the decade: Dionne and Murray. The Paul Rudd-effect, making us all question the sense of a bad boy fling in favour of the ‘nice guy’. And it was adapted from Jane Austen’s Emma. So there's that. But it is the '90s wardrobe magic in the movie that holds a special place in our hearts, reminding us all that you can never have too many tartan co-ords. May we always be as stylish as this crowd…


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The first date outfit

Dad: 'What the hell is that?' Cher: 'A dress.' Dad: 'Says who?' Cher: 'Calvin Klein.'

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The little red dress

Forget the LBD come party season, this scarlet slip dress from Alaïa is everything.

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Beret day

Cher wearing a black beret and white button-down was the main reason we hated our school uniforms so much.

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Pretty in pink

Can't decide what to wear to that winter wedding? Er, match your wardrobe to your place setting.

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Oversized headgear

Time to up your hat game like Dionne Davenport. Doesn't she look like a total Betty?

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The yellow plaid suit

Cher and Dionne are the queens of matchy-matchy plaid separates.

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The 'studious' look

The best back-to-school outfit ever. Knee-high stockings? Check. Sweater vest top layered over an Oxford blouse? Check.

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Glam goth

Cher channeling another '90s icon, Buffy, in a sheer black top, white vest and a silver cross necklace.

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Knee-high socks + Mary Jane shoes

Cher's most 'capable-looking outfit', obvs.

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Spaghetti straps

Keeping it casual yet cute in a pink vest over a white tee.

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Some more plaid

Another checked miniskirt suit, which this time our heroine accessorised with a patent backpack and can of Diet Coke.

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